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The Invincible M.A.E.

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We're doomed

Oh well. Sexy bitch and Thorty looked cute sitting in the box together. Very kindergarten.

At least the Flyers, Leafs, Ducks and Stars won tonight.

Chip gave some suggestions on hockey slash pairings:

Chip: are you going to get Checkmonic and Crionic together? (spelled wrong I'm sure)
He's referring to Cechmanek (Flyers goalie) and Cajanek (Blues)
Mae: ROFL!
Chip: or they could be arch enemies, like the Transformers and the Decepticons
He thinks Cechmanek sounds like a Transformer
Chip: has anyone done Anime-styled slash?
Mae: I think it's its own genre with specialized terms and all
Chip: your joking
Chip: I mean hockey slash, with Anime styling
Mae: Oh! I don't really get that
Chip: well, it's kind of a hazy idea, but people would say things like "main screen turn on"
Mae: So insane!
Chip: maybe its just Engrish hockey slash
Chip: nasbert should secretly adopt an albanian orphan
Nasbert is his name for Natuzzi
Mae: Why?
Chip: it'll be the love-child they could never have

I also told him about what Flan read in a book about homoeroticism being a part of hockey and how I feel hockey just wouldn't be as cool without it, and he agreed heartily. I so love him! :)

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Teehee... Mae... I'll never be able to look at Natuzzi again without wondering where their Albainian orphan is.

Checkmonic played great last night too :)

Dude chip so rocks

ROFL Albanian orphan *giggles* so awesome

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