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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Cupcakes make me happy

Cupcakes are one of my favourite things ever. They're surprisingly hard to find near where I live, though. Everybody has muffins (blech) but cupcakes are rare. I had a really good one at Citizen Cake with eggpuff and my roommate. I had the chocolate chip mania cupcake (I think) and it was so good! The frosting tasted like chocolate chip cookie dough. *cries*

Last week, eggpuff mentioned that Kara's Cupcakes is really good and it sounded familiar so I went to look it up and I'd actually seen it at Ghirardelli Square and was intrigued. But I think I had just eaten so I refrained from getting any. So yesterday I walked a mile over there to pick up some for myself and friends and I had the sweet vanilla and vanilla chocolate flavours and *weeps*. The chocolate velvet was also a big hit (although I didn't try any).

It makes me so happy that I'm within walking distance of delicious cupcakes!!! (Another awesome cupcake place is in this foofy mall in Corte Madera near the baby's daycare place. Alex says that one is better than Kara's. I would say they're on par.)

eggpuff mentioned Pandora recently and, feeling brave, I decided to try it out. So, umm, I'm one of those people who reacts very strongly to music. In a negative way. If I hear even a few bars of a song I don't like, it puts me in a really foul mood. The ultimate example of this is pretty much anything by Coldplay. Like if you wanted to program me into a soulless killing machine,you would subject me to Coldplay for a few hours and I would go on a rampage.

This is why I don't ever listen to anyone's music recommendations. Except for maybe Alex who has very similar musical tastes. Or I stick to stuff that's used in TV shows (which is generally selected to be inoffensive) or Alice (SF radio station), well, at least until they started playing Coldplay all the time. I actually screamed and ripped my earphones when they came on while I was walking down the street once. :(

So this is why I was nervous about trying Pandora. But actually it's been really good! How else would I discover that I like a Finnish symphonic metal band? *scratches head*

There I was, happily listening to my Lacuna Coil station when suddenly CLOCKS came one and I went into this wild panic and clicked the thumbs down frantically but I'd already used up all my skips for the hour so it KEPT PLAYING. I should have just pressed the mute button but I was in such a hysterical state that my brain couldn't work and was just repeating MAKE IT STOP MAKE IT STOP ARRRGGGGH so after a bunch of random clicking I somehow changed the station and mercifully it ended.

But everything has been good since then. :)

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You've probably already heard about Sprinkles (http://www.sprinkles.com). I have to say their chocolate marshmallow cupcake is pretty close to a religious experience for me. There isn't one in San Francisco, that I know of, but if you're ever down in the Palo Alto area, it's worth a detour of any length to check them out.

I had not! *drools* I will have to check them out the next time I'm in the Peninsula/South Bay.


Well, I have brought you Yummy cupcakes before. But we've got Sprinkles in Beverly Hills. http://www.laprovencecafe.com/ has the most AMAZING chocolate roulade cake, and they also have cupcakes and macaroons. I think we have like 1809483092094898 cupcakes places in the city because we are obsessed with cupcakes.


OMG those cupcakes are beautiful. I lust for the red velvet one... I wish people were obsessed with cupcakes here too. But everyone is too busy being healthy or something.

I react the same way about music too. I also share your loathing of Coldplay. :P When stuff like that happens on the online radio station that I used to listen to at work (before I got my iPod - yay for having music that I like!) I would just refresh the page and it would start up a new song. I don't know if that would work on the one you're using.

Also, Ian and I are planning on having cupcakes for our wedding, instead of a big wedding cake. I'd love to do a bunch of different flavours of mini cupcakes so people can try different ones. I have an aunt and uncle who own a catering business, and another aunt who made my sister's wedding cake, so I'll probably hit them up for cupcake assistance, mmm. :)

Oh man, I was in such a state of rage and panic that I couldn't even think. I don't understand how they can be so popular. :(

Cupcakes is a good idea! I've seen some really pretty wedding cupcakes. :)

CUPCAKES ARE MY LIFE. Well, cake in general, but yes. My god. I failed to go to Citizen Cake when I was in S.F. last year, and I'm still kicking myself for it. We have a meat cupcake store uptown; it's possibly the best thing that's ever happened to Lincoln Park.

Oh man, we totally must get Kara's Cupcakes and/or Citizen Cake the next time you're back in SF!


MEAT CUPCAKES. My world has just gotten bigger in a very exciting way.

I think that I will have to make cupcakes this week if I get some time.

No joke--I once saw Rachel Ray make meatloaf cupcakes and drooled all over my television.

THEY'RE DELICIOUS. They have this one kind that's like a meatball cupcake topped with angel-hair spaghetti. And their signature meatloaf cupcake is "frosted" with mashed potatoes sfkjasdf OMNOMNOMNOMNOM.

Mashed potato frosting!!! Brilliant!!!

dude I hate coldplay!

they are so bland the inoffensive that they offend the hell out of me!

mm cupcakes. I love the miniature ones, then I can have three flavours without feeling stuffed.

I think it's Chris Martin's whiny voice that puts it over the top horror for me. Although I think "Viva La Vida" or whatever doesn't make me totally homicidal.

I need to visit the other Kara's Cupcakes location because it has the miniature ones! That one is 2 miles away but I think it's worth it. :P

Hee, I'm glad you liked the cupcakes! And if you have to walk a mile there and then back, it pretty much erases the calories. :) On Pandora, there is a thumbs-down button and I think that once you hit that they'll never play that song again, yay. (Oops I realized that you already KNOW about the thumbs-down button, I think I didn't finish reading your post, duh).

Edited at 2009-05-04 05:32 am (UTC)

Alex, Tessa, Chip, Jenny and Roz all love them too.

Unfortunately after pressing the thumbs down button I had already heard enough of the song that it impaired my judgement. :(

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