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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Giants starting pitchers

They won me over with "crazy" crab sandwiches and garlic fries

Timmy was on NBC last night which means I got to watch the game in HD! :D In summary:

  1. Bengie Molina got a triple LOLOLOLOLOL.
  2. Pablo Sandoval somehow strained his groin running very slowly. One less LOL than above.
  3. Timmy's hair makes him look like Krusty the Clown. :(
  4. But with the cap off it actually looks okay! It's Trent Reznorish.

  5. They interviewed Zito before the game about... why he doesn't suck or something. At least he didn't talk about fucking gladiators again.
  6. Brian Wilson looked traumatized after his save. He also made some disturbing comments after the game about how Zito has "fire in his eyes". *sigh*
  7. Timmy looks a lot better now compared to last week. He should never be that skinny ever again. Also, fun fact, when he started high school he was 4'11" and 85 pounds!

I'm really enjoying Better Off Ted! It's very much my kind of humour. :) Also, it seems that the slashers have invaded How I Met Your Mother. It was more of a House-style invasion, though, not a Supernatural-style one. Maybe the problem with the latter is that it was a bunch of non-slashers looking at the slash world from the outside and trying to understand and failing.

I checked out the rest of the 49ers draft picks and they picked a QB with a learning disability LOLOL. I actually don't think it will affect his effectiveness as a quarterback, but it's just a situation ripe for endless ridicule. :P

[Edit: The Angel Collectors Set is on sale at Amazon for only $57 today!]

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That Angel offer is kinda tempting...but I already have the third season boxset of Angel on dvd and I don't think I've ever watched it >.>

What is up with all the love for HIMYM all at once? Was there some particular development on the show that opened the floodgates? or is it just coincidental?

It's funny you mention Timmeh looked Trent-esque without his cap. They did like a whole segment on who Timmy looked like without his cap, on KNBR this morning. Someone said Shelly Duvall, and someone else said some 70s singer, and so on and so forth.

I have all 5 seasons on DVD and I was still briefly tempted! I'm just a hoarder, I think.

It's because the most recent episode was very explicitly slashy. Ted's buddies changed a girl's number on his phone so that when he thought he was texting her (including "what are you wearing?" type stuff) he was actually texting them and they were responding and trying to get him to fall in love with them, uhh I mean her.

Then Ted got them back by "admitting" that he'd had an erotic dream about his best friend. Each buddy thinks that he's the best friend so they were arguing with each other about who Ted would find more attractive and... well you get the picture. :P

I should have called in and told them! I think I can take a screenshot that matches this Reznor pic pretty closely. Perhaps I will email it. :)

Ah, I see. I guess. I'm glad I'm not in that fandom, or I think I would be annoyed :P

I wanna see the screencap, if you can get it up! Extra Innings only carried the Dodgers feed of last night's game; it was terrible :(

It was a good episode. At least they didn't overdo it like Supernatural. The thing with How I Met Your Mother is that they go overboard concerning a variety of topics, so this fit in with the theme of the show.

Posted it to LJ! :)

that is trent reznor right?

Oh, yes it is! The plan was to post that and a screenshot of Timmy side by side, but... I haven't made the screenshot yet. :P

dude because I was totally confuddled :)

I don't think Zito actually knows anything about gladiators. I also think Zito should shut up and just look pretty. It'd do him a lot of good.

I've been wondering about Timmy's hair. I see him in highlights and it looks ridiculous under a cap, but I can see how it works for him without.

But he can't shut up! I don't complain, though, it makes him entertaining. :P

It's very Krusty the Clown. :( He should wear a (low) ponytail when he pitches.

Bengie Molina got a triple LOLOLOLOLOL.


I took my family out to that game. :) Yay for the strikeout discount! We froze, sure, but a good time was had by all. And yes, Timmy does look a lot better now.

I was SO tempted to go! There were $44 club level seats! That must have been a fun game to be at. :)

Hey, if you're interested in going to a game together sometime let me know! :)

It was really fun. :) Only problem was that the staircase where people would walk up to our section was between where we were sitting and home plate. :P We ended up moving around a couple of times, heh.

I would definitely be interested! :D

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