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The Invincible M.A.E.

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All over the place

  • Left house 10:30 AM Saturday morning, returned 10 PM Sunday night.
  • GAME 5 GAME 5 GAME 5!!! Went to the game with tersa and screamed until throat hurt.
  • Went hiking in Big Basin which was great. Unfortunately there was a race along the same trail that day. Saw many banana slugs. *shudder*
  • Hooray for the 49ers drafting a wide receiver in the first round. He sounds like a diva, but divas make for good wide receivers.
  • Disturbed by some of Joe's comments about how he was "excited" to play with Patty again and "rekindle the *pause* poise". :(
  • Disturbed by Patty talking about how he "liked the little guy (aka Devin) only he's not that little". :(
  • Further disturbed by overall description of how coach orchestrated threesome. :(
  • Terrified that Brian Wilson has in fact been broken in the off-season by living with Zito.
  • Terrified by Brian Wilson's hair.
  • The chai latte at La Boulange is AWESOME!!!

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that is a hell of a weekend babe :)

I slept very soundly last night! :) Plus there were a few hours of Rock Band before the game, hee!

I forgot to text you! I bet you were totally weepy when your captain scored!

Is La Boulange where we had giant cups that were actually bowls???!!

There was such a mess of people in front I didn't even see who scored it, just the puck in the net and the ref pointing then I was jumping up and down and high fiving and screaming madly, hahaha! Patty even showed emotion!

Yes that's the place!!! :D

Crabtree is going to catch a hell of a lot of passes for your team. :( My team? Will have EPIC fail!

Haha we'll see, it's not like we really have that thing called a quarterback to pass to him. :P

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