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What's not to like about people getting murdered?

Was hyped up after the game last night so I ended up watching TV until 4.30 AM.

One of the things I caught up on was Harper's Island which I'd heard was terrible, but I actually found quite enjoyable! But I enjoy SciFi original movies too. Like Frankenfish.

I was really excited at first about Supernatural!Ruby being on the show but she's... a brunette. Which I guess is her natural colour, but that combined with her lame role (well, I guess every role on that show is lame) makes her kind of blah. :(

Hey, abby20 it does explain why her hair looked so terrible sometimes on Supernatural, though, it was probably bleached to death.

[Edit: That guy from Better Off Ted reminds me of a cross between Ethan Moreau and Gator. Weiiiiiird.]
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