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The Invincible M.A.E.

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What's not to like about people getting murdered?

Was hyped up after the game last night so I ended up watching TV until 4.30 AM.

One of the things I caught up on was Harper's Island which I'd heard was terrible, but I actually found quite enjoyable! But I enjoy SciFi original movies too. Like Frankenfish.

I was really excited at first about Supernatural!Ruby being on the show but she's... a brunette. Which I guess is her natural colour, but that combined with her lame role (well, I guess every role on that show is lame) makes her kind of blah. :(

Hey, abby20 it does explain why her hair looked so terrible sometimes on Supernatural, though, it was probably bleached to death.

[Edit: That guy from Better Off Ted reminds me of a cross between Ethan Moreau and Gator. Weiiiiiird.]

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Who the heck is saying that Harper's Island is terrible? The show's really quite good, I think.

Both TV Guide and Entertainment Weekly, and also user reviews on tv.com. I find it pretty entertaining! And I love the location. It's not quite a show that you think really hard about, but it doesn't try to sell itself as such.

It's pretty weird seeing both Bobby and Ruby in it. You think one of them suggested the other for their part? :P or maybe they went to audition together, haha.

It's filmed in Vancouver - that's why there's a lot of SPN people on it, other than Ruby and Bobby.

But uhm, yeah. I'm not sure how Katie and Jim went about getting their parts be interesting to find out.

Yeah, it has that lush Vancouver look to it. :) And they gotta use that cheap Canadian labour! ;)

Do you know why she played Ruby for only one season btw? Was it just how it happened to be written? Or were there external factors responsible? I like Genevieve Cortese (from watching her in Wildfire) but I really loved the blonde Ruby. :)

I'm not really sure why Katie was let go as Ruby.


Oh god, we watched that as a family one christmas. It was like a trainwreck, but you could NOT turn it off!

YES!!! OMG I think I've watched that movie 3 times. I can't NOT watch it when it comes on SciFi.

If you watch it in the same night as Mel Brooks' Young Frankenstein, nothing is ever, ever the same.

I think I watched it and Snakehead Terror the same night. :P

Ahhahaha, oh god. I'm surprise your brain didn't dribble out your ears.

I misread that last line and I was all "abby20 is on TV???? And didn't tell anybody????"

But I get it now.

I wouldn't put it past her to be sneaky if she was on TV!

I'm just replying two weeks later because I am busy LIVING MY DOUBLE LIFE.

dude Ruby had some terrible hair issues, it was like someone in hairstyling was trying to sabotage her.

Sometimes her hair resembled burnt straw. :( Or maybe they just slapped some terrible wigs on her.

aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh that's who he remidns me offffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Isn't it STRANGE??? I think he looks more like Ethan Moreau than Gator, but I still feel like at any moment he's going to check someone into a wall.

The most disturbing resemblance is still the Eleventh Hour guy looking like Selanne, though.

You're right, that explains everything! Not watching HI, but I'm pretty sure I prefer her blonde.

Yeah, Harper's Island isn't something I would recommend... (although I do enjoy it greatly!) She's more interesting as a blonde!

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