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It's like being given a brand new car

It just now occurs to me that we have Dan Boyle signed for another 5 seasons. I think because we weren't the ones who actually signed him to the contract, it never really registered to me that it's how long we could have him.

(Also, I just went to the NHLPA site to check the length of his contract and he's player of the day! But they seem to just have current salary, not contract length there.)

He's been here all season and I've never quite adjusted to him being "ours". The Sharks don't do offensive defensemen who like... get shots on goal and even score goals!!!

Crazy game by him last night. Tomorrow I hope to see more of a complete team effort. Sharks are at their best when all 4 lines are going. Still need more from Joe's line, I think. Hope he doesn't secretly have like 5 broken bones and 2 pulled groins... for more than one reason. :( :( :(
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