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Summer in the city

Well, feels like summer, anyway. High 80s yesterday and today. Tank top and shorts days. :D

Saturday was warm and lovely and I spent the afternoon with lastcatastrophe at the baseball park watching Timmy get 13 strikeouts (but no win).

I really enjoyed watching the game last night despite the outcome. There's a weird thing going on this year where I'm not feeling bad after losses like in playoffs past. I'm not really sure what it is, whether it's to do with something different about the team, or whether it's RL stuff distracting me. Or maybe the weather. But I felt nothing.

Caught up on Lost last night. It's so good this season! I feel really interested/excited to see what happens next, but for a different reason from the first season where it was all about finding out why things are so weird; now it's about finding out how it ends.

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