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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Dan Haren

At least it wasn't as bad as Lira's Joe Thornton dream

I dreamed last night that Joe Thornton started a blog, which in and of itself is not horrifying but what IS horrifying is that part of it was about his sex life. :( :( :( And then at some point he was crying, but thankfully he wasn't CRYING AFTER SEX.

I'm watching the Giants game I recorded last night and... Brian Wilson has gotten rid of his upsetting soul patch thing, but now he has like a... ponytail mullet. I don't know what it is! It's terrifying! Someone should cut his hair off in his sleep. Preferably that someone should not be Zito. Or Lincecum. (Why do I still find him hot? It's like there is nothing but ugly hot in my life lately. How about some pretty hot?)

Haren got all pissy when he was on deck and they replaced him with a pinch hitter. Threw his bat and helmet and everything! I don't think I've ever seen him do something like that before.

Going to the game today with lastcatastrophe!!! And Lincecum had some sort of "stomach ailment" but he's okay now so he's pitching today. :D They probably just gave him some Tums and sent him on his way.

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Tums are magical like that!

You have more terrifying dreams than I do. I'm so sorry. :(

Most of the time they're just weird and fun. BUT NOT THAT NIGHT. :(

I had a way more disturbing Shark-related dream than that.

... I'm not even sure how/why Sharks would pop up in your dreams!

Even if he wasn't crying after sex, any dream that involves Joe Thornton and sex should only involve YOU crying. ARGH. :(

(Why do I still find him hot? It's like there is nothing but ugly hot in my life lately. How about some pretty hot?)

I don't know why you find him hot, but I judge you and Lira severely for it. :P Though I've been guilty of some weird ones as well, but ... this isn't about me. So!

I was thinking that "the game" you were going to the Sharks game! And then I realized they don't even play today. D'oh.

I don't know why he's so traumatizing. :( I mean the nudity has something to do with it, but I think he was already traumatizing and the continual nudity was just worse because of it!

I actually phrased that badly--I mean that I find Brian Wilson hot, not Timmy. I feel the same way about Timmy as I do about Vlasic. :D

It was a wonderful game! It was warm(ish) and sunny and Timmy got 13 strikeouts in 8 scoreless innings! Unfortunately nobody from the Giants scored and Brian Wilson (whoIstillfindhot) gave up 2 runs in the 9th.

He should have been crying after the game he had the other night. Gah...

I wonder if he secretly has 5 broken bones.

Oh good heavens that is upsetting. Although I must admit that Joe Thornton is not the VERY last person I would want to have a blog about his sex life. Only, like, fifteenth-to-last.

I guess it's sort of like an extension from his serial nakedness of his willingness to share.

Poor Danny. I wouldn't blame him for being pissy! :(

Oh it was very warranted, just surprising!

I keep telling Myr this "stomach ailment" is the same ole All-Star-game "illness". :P

I don't know why, but I read your first paragraph three times and still thought it said "Joe Blanton"

He does seems like a sickly little child sometimes.

I wouldn't want to read about Joe Blanton's sex life either. :(



Wait did it have a twitter feed? were there like 'man blowjobs are awesome!' tweets?

LOL!!! That would be wonderful and horrifying at the same time, like Zito's Twitter!!!

That's not a dream; that's a nightmare. :D

About the Thornton thing, um...yeah. Wow. Yikes. I don't really have words for that.

I was under the impression that what I was seeing with Brian Wilson was the back end of a mohawk. But I haven't seen him without a hat recently so I'm not sure.

I'm still somewhat traumatized. :(

That's what lastcatastrophe said too and I think I blocked it out but I do vaguely recall seeing Brian Wilson with a super long mohawk. It looks somewhat mullet-like when it's down though. :(

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