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Marcel Goc can't grow a playoff beard

So, I'm watching Game 6 from the '07 Sharks/Wings series. I never watched it because I went to the game and there didn't seem to be a point. :P But I generally like to at least have the game on while I do something else in case somebody says something interesting, or to get clarification on something that happened during the game.

One of the first things I saw was McLellan (!!!) going on the ice for the Wings. Very strange. And then they interviewed Hannan, and I saw McLaren, Mark Smith, Curtis Brown, VESA!!! Rivet, Rissmiller,Carle, Bernie... They showed a highlight of a Pavelski goal from the regular season when he was still wearing 13(?) and I thought, WTF why is he not in this game??? Because I can't imagine a Sharks game without Pavelski now unless he's injured.

I thought I would feel icky, but I don't at all, I just feel love for that team, like I've loved every Sharks team since I started watching hockey. *sigh* :)

Now for some proper playoff picks! (My picks underlined)
  • Ducks/Sharks: Umm, Sharks. I could give some objective analysis on this but I don't want to. :P

  • Blue Jackets/Red Wings: LOL hockey version of Red vs. Blue. I think Team Red will prevail in this one because of the experience factor, but an upset wouldn't shock me.

  • Blues/Canucks: It's really cool that the Blues made the playoffs but I think Chris Mason blows regardless of what his stats are.

  • Flames/Blackhawks: Going with the 4-0 season series record here. This will be a fun series. :)

  • Canadiens/Bruins: The Bruins are just flat out better in every respect but they seem to get all weird when they play the Habs. It would be a serious face plant if the Bruins lose this one.

  • Rangers/Capitals: Lundqvist is clearly the better goaltender but it hasn't helped him in past seasons when he was clearly better too.

  • Hurricanes/Devils: This is a tough one, but it'll make for a good series, I think. The big question for me is whether Brodeur is ready for the playoffs. I would prefer for the Devils to win, but I don't know. I haven't watched the East much this season. *waffles*

  • Flyers/Penguins: Probably the toughest pick for me. I think the Pens tend to play well against the Flyers and I'd like Petr to advance, but at the same time I like the whole 6 20-goal scorers thing the Flyers have going. Goalies are pretty much even. *waffles and pancakes*

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