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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Marcel Goc can't grow a playoff beard

So, I'm watching Game 6 from the '07 Sharks/Wings series. I never watched it because I went to the game and there didn't seem to be a point. :P But I generally like to at least have the game on while I do something else in case somebody says something interesting, or to get clarification on something that happened during the game.

One of the first things I saw was McLellan (!!!) going on the ice for the Wings. Very strange. And then they interviewed Hannan, and I saw McLaren, Mark Smith, Curtis Brown, VESA!!! Rivet, Rissmiller,Carle, Bernie... They showed a highlight of a Pavelski goal from the regular season when he was still wearing 13(?) and I thought, WTF why is he not in this game??? Because I can't imagine a Sharks game without Pavelski now unless he's injured.

I thought I would feel icky, but I don't at all, I just feel love for that team, like I've loved every Sharks team since I started watching hockey. *sigh* :)

Now for some proper playoff picks! (My picks underlined)
  • Ducks/Sharks: Umm, Sharks. I could give some objective analysis on this but I don't want to. :P

  • Blue Jackets/Red Wings: LOL hockey version of Red vs. Blue. I think Team Red will prevail in this one because of the experience factor, but an upset wouldn't shock me.

  • Blues/Canucks: It's really cool that the Blues made the playoffs but I think Chris Mason blows regardless of what his stats are.

  • Flames/Blackhawks: Going with the 4-0 season series record here. This will be a fun series. :)

  • Canadiens/Bruins: The Bruins are just flat out better in every respect but they seem to get all weird when they play the Habs. It would be a serious face plant if the Bruins lose this one.

  • Rangers/Capitals: Lundqvist is clearly the better goaltender but it hasn't helped him in past seasons when he was clearly better too.

  • Hurricanes/Devils: This is a tough one, but it'll make for a good series, I think. The big question for me is whether Brodeur is ready for the playoffs. I would prefer for the Devils to win, but I don't know. I haven't watched the East much this season. *waffles*

  • Flyers/Penguins: Probably the toughest pick for me. I think the Pens tend to play well against the Flyers and I'd like Petr to advance, but at the same time I like the whole 6 20-goal scorers thing the Flyers have going. Goalies are pretty much even. *waffles and pancakes*

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(Deleted comment)
He is a miniature form of perfection!

I'm not sure I remember seeing you ever make a public predictions post! Which could just say something about my memory... Devils kid wants you to do his brackets!

For the record, I went Pens and Blues, but otherwise same.


That's because this is the first time there is no TEAM OF UTMOST EVIL in the playoffs hahaha. He asked me! But I'm just not a fantasy sports kind of person.

In some ways I do think that the Pens should win, mostly because of season series past history type things, but then I think about all the guys the Pens lost and... I waffle. :P I kind of can buy a Blues upset, but I don't want to because that would involve a horrendous Canucks face plant and I don't want to believe that could happen!

That is so very exciting!!!!!! I might go to tomorrow's game (!!!) but I'm planning to buy tickets for Game 5 as soon as they go for sale. Can you believe that Ducks playoff tickets for Games 3 and 4 are still on sale??? I had brief fantasies of flying to Anaheim for a game, like I did in 2003...

Whatever dude, it's not really fantasy, it's just deciding who will win the Cup before the playoffs even start! One and done, so easy!

I always saw her prediction posts anyway!

Yes, but they were all sneakily backdated! :P

Yes, she is devilish like that!

hurricanes / devils, god I hate them both so much. I hope it's a really hard series that goes to seven games and the winner is exhausted and gets canned in the next round.

I think that series has the potential for some really good hockey. I dunno, all of my most hated teams didn't make the playoffs and my mildly hated teams are playing against each other so I can just sit back and enjoy hockey.

Except when the Sharks are playing in which case I will be nauseous all day...

I don't like them either; I have no plans to watch that one. This is why I've never really done prediction posts (aside from not wanting to offend anyone): I do love hockey itself, but not so much that I can overlook all the teams I hate and make impartial predictions. :P

Marcel Goc can't grow a playoff beard

LOL. SO TRUE. I like how last year he just owned up to it and grew a playoff goatee instead. Count Gocula!

I think Pavs wore 53 until Ron made him take 8. :)

WTF why is he not in this game???

I think, in fact, he was injured at the time. Meh.

(Love him so much now though!!!!)

That's right, that injury took him out for a long time. It's weird to think of him as having had a baby number. He was never really a baby!

I think Montreal's in Boston's head! From all the losses, probably. It IS crazy, because they are the far better team this year. I mean, it isn't even remotely close. I still wouldn't be surprised if something crazy happened, however.

Yeah, even when Boston was really good before the lockout Montreal would still always win (and I would laugh and laugh because I hated Joe Thornton hahaha). I dunno, though, you can almost depend on Carey Price to lose 3 games all by himself.

Of course he could also slip on ice outside his house and break his ankle before Game 1 and Halak could go on an insane streak.

Yeah, "something crazy" could refer to any number of things, haha. I doubt it'll be boring!

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