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The Invincible M.A.E.

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I just read "Wincest" and "magical gay offspring" in a magazine. In print. At least next season will be the last.

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oh god, fourth wall! I know they know but I like when we all pretend that we don't exist. Er that sentence was short on sense.

Exactly! We need to stay underground even if we're so numerous that we're totally mainstream!

is it the last???

the latest ep was crap. sorry, please don't acknowledge wincest for the major audience, kripe.

Yeah, I read it in Entertainment Weekly the 5th season will be the final one.

It's cool that they're aware of it and aren't totally horrified, but they don't really need to alert the rest of the world to it. Let them be blissful in their ignorance!

Hey, just wanted to say, happy birthday!

Thank you!!! I went to The House for dinner. It was DELICIOUS!!! :)

I haven't been. Take me take me! Hiking and dinner one of these weekends? :D

We definitely must go then!!! How about the weekend of the 25th?

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