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The Invincible M.A.E.

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In the playoffs

Thanks to today's 1-0 win against the Ducks, the Sharks are in the playoffs. There was never any point during the season when it looked like they wouldn't make it, but it still makes me weepy. I love this team so much.

x_jersey_girl flew in yesterday morning! :) tersa and I met her at the airport and we went to have some yummy shabu shabu in Mountain View (which I finished even though I'd had some surprisingly good roti prata an hour earlier at the airport--I couldn't resist roti prata, you don't find that just anywhere!), then to tersa's place to watch several Shark Byte episodes.

Then it was off to the Tank early for Ice Insights. This is a Q&A session open to season ticket holders with different members of the Sharks organization and yesterday's speaker was Doug Wilson! He told us that they gave the game puck to Rob Blake's dad on his 75th birthday during the dad's trip and he got a little weepy.

The game itself was actually pretty exciting the first half with lots of good skating on both sides. Ersberg was really fantastic and had several ridiculous saves. After the Sharks didn't convert on the PP in OT I thought it was going to go to SO and with the way Ersberg was playing, we'd probably lose.

But Nabby was surprisingly good and stopped 6 out of 7 shooters. That never happens! He had like, extra powers saved up or something from being out with his injury. This is why we should play Boosh more often, so Nabby can recharge, hehe.

There was an awesome moment in an episode of SVU I watched today where Olivia is at her apartment drinking OJ, then Stabler comes over to give her a ride because she's being stalked by a rapist/murderer, and she puts the glass down and he immediately picks it up, takes a drink and puts it down, then she drinks some more and... they just do it so naturally. The don't say anything about it at all. It's kind of a porch moment, except they're BFFs, not OTP. *siiiiigh*

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she puts the glass down and he immediately picks it up, takes a drink and puts it down, then she drinks some more and... they just do it so naturally

I am such a dork for nonverbal cues like that. I don't watch SVU except when I happen to be flipping channels and it's on, but I've always enjoyed Benson and Stabler's vibe.

Yes! It's probably something the actors came up with cos' they're good friends IRL. I would never have started watching it if it weren't for that week where I just got my HDTV and was watching everything, haha. Not sure if that's a good or bad thing.

it's always nice to have it confirmed, I hope they win it all!

Yeah, it is. :) I think I appreciate each and every playoff appearance because the first season I watched the Sharks they didn't make it. Thank you!!! :D

I practiced cheering for your team for the playoffs last night. It worked out well. :)
(ya know, since I've promised my allegiance to your team) lol

Makes it easier that it was against the Ducks, eh? :P Haha, thanks I appreciate it. :)

Absolutely! *laughs* Especially since the goal was scored by Moen! This is what happens when cats and dogs live together.

Have you noticed that Moen looks like he could be the crony of a European terrorist from a movie?

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