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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Oh, FNL I have missed you

I just watched the first two episodes of Friday Night Lights from this season and they were so, so good. There was a fair bit of my favourite storyline with Matt Saracen and his grandma that made my heart ache, and the Smash Williams and Tim Riggins stuff actually made me achy too which it never really did before in past seasons. *siiiiiiigh*

This killed me:
LYLA: How did you know about that?
TIM: I Googled it.
LYLA: I didn't know that you Googled.
TIM: I'm not retarded. I can Google.

♥ Bonus points for how retarded Tim sounds when he says "I'm not retarded."

Also, I saw this photo of Minka Kelly with Kristen Bell in TV Guide and I squeaked! Perhaps inwardly, perhaps outwardly. I am not normally a femslash kind of person, but eee! Two people from two of my favourite shows ever! :D

Minka Kelly and Kristen Bell

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I blew through the S2 eps I hadn't watched yet, and I'm all ready to start S3. I'm glad to know you watched and liked them, cuz I was not terribly impressed with S2. :P

They tried to make it less about football and more about... drama or something to raise the ratings. I don't know why people in TV decide that the response to low ratings for a niche show fiercely loved by a small number of people is to try to "fix" it, which basically just turns off that audience and doesn't make the show appeal more to the mainstream.

I watched another 4 episodes yesterday on BART and Caltrain. I really like the two new freshman characters. :)

ahah just to share the fact that I might be retarded, I only just realized that when people say S2 and S3 I thought it was some supernatural thing not just meaning eason 1 and 2 and 3? haha. *goes to hide*

Hee! You should have Googled it, muahahaha! I think people refer to it as SPN?

have you seen the site letmegooglethatforyou.com ?

No! That's totally awesome!!! That should be an auto-response in some communities... :P

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