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The Invincible M.A.E.

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*explodes with Natuzzi love*

*frown* LJ wouldn't let me reply to your comment, Frala. Anyway, thanks for Natuzzi proposal picture. Bert is so goofy there. So damn adorable.

*shrieks* I'm seeing Natuzzi(-son?) from the 4th row on Saturday!

*ahem* *points at icon* Chip saw that picture and promptly declared that "they're in love". Oh yeah, and he insists on calling them Nasbert. :)

*sigh* It seems like almost every game this season could have been the turning point for the Sharks, but tonight I think it is, more so than other times. I can't quite explain it. Maybe it's cos' it's the half-way mark of the season, maybe cos' we're playing the Canucks on Saturday *cringe*, maybe cos' we ended so well against the Oilers on Monday.

What the hell is the song Walking in Memphis about, besides walking in Memphis?

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nasbert is ver very cute :D

adn that pic has made me weak in the knees!

The open mouths, the fluttering eyelids ... *sighs deeply*

Very very *sigh* so beautiful they are!!

And dude you are going to see them soon!!! *dies* Ahhh so awesome!

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