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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Thorty 2

Accountant love

ROBYN!!! Thorty and Alyn totally retired and ran off together. :D

Former NHL player plans summer hockey camp

Author: By Erika Engel
Date: Feb 19, 2009

Recent NHL retiree Scott Thornton is starting up a hockey training camp at the Beaver Valley arena this summer.

Thornton, who now lives with his family in The Blue Mountains, said he wants to provide a high level learning experience for kids while also introducing them to proper off ice workouts and recreational activities.

"I thought the area of Blue Mountain is a perfect place to combine hockey and recreation," he said.

The Toronto Maple Leafs originally drafted Thornton in 1989. He played 18 professional seasons and over 900 NHL games for six teams.

Thornton recruited Alyn McCauley to help coach the camp. McCauley is the winner of a Selke Trophy for Best Defensive Player in the NHL.

Rob Cederberg, owner of Le Scandinave Spa in The Blue Mountains will also help out with the training camp. He has an extensive hockey background including Junior A and NCAA experience.

Thornton said he is also trying to get an NHL strength and conditioning coach to supervise the off-ice training.

The first camp runs from August 16 to 21 and it's an overnight pro camp aimed at players aged 15 to 16 with triple A experience. For $1,250 camp participants will be lodged at the Tyrolean Village Resort at Blue Mountain and shuttled to the arena for two on ice sessions per day. Meals will be included.

Off-ice training will include circuit training, mountain biking, kayaking and Yoga.

On ice, the players will be doing a series of what Thornton calls his "favourite drills over the years."

He adds that the hockey camp is supposed to simulate an NHL player's off season training routine.

The second camp runs from August 24 to 28 and it's a day camp for kids aged nine to 14. The cost is $450, and players will participate in two on ice sessions and daily workouts featuring field sports such as soccer, kickball, Frisbee and football.

Both camps will also feature leadership training and development.

Spots are limited, and though he hasn't advertised, Thornton said he's already getting requests from as far as London.

"It's great, but my main focus was this community," he said. "I wanted to really support all the kids around here."

Thornton said he'll have to see how this year goes, but the plan was never to make it a one-time event.

"I could certainly see this as being a long term hockey camp for these kids," he said.

Thornton said he's pleased with the cooperation from the town's recreation department. They will have to put the ice in the arena two weeks earlier than usual to accommodate the camp.

For more information, visit the camp website at http://elitehockeyatblue.com.

While hunting for what happened to Thorty, I came across this (from last season's opener in London):

Ben Lane, 29, a Vancouver native who works at the Royal Bank of Scotland here, was seated a few feet away from the Slovaks when he managed to get the attention of former Vancouver Canuck star Todd Bertuzzi, now a Duck. Lane pumped his fists in encouragement.

"He winked at me and I blushed," Lane, wearing a Canucks cap, reported seconds later.

"I got a little choked up. I’ll question my sexuality later but right now I’m living in the moment."
:D :D :D

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ALYN! <3

"I got a little choked up. I’ll question my sexuality later but right now I’m living in the moment."

LOL! That's awesome.

I bet Alyn makes a really good coach, all patient and intelligent and stuff. :)

McCauley is the winner of a Selke Trophy for Best Defensive Player in the NHL.


Oh yeah, she was totally wrong there. He was nominated but didn't win.

Oh, I know! But I read that and was like, "Come ON!" Fact-checking 101!

It was a nice sentence to read though, however incorrect it may be.

I guess they don't have the highest journalistic standards in the Blue Mountains. :P

Just thinking about him having been nominated makes me feel kind of weepy with pride!

The article lies. At least I'm pretty sure he was only a finalist that one season.


Yeah, it was back a few years ago, but he definitely didn't win.

I mean that in the non-bitchy way. Not like he didn't win because he didn't deserve it or something, but didn't win because he didn't win. I'm rambling. I'm stopping!

*bursts into tears*

Oh, Thorty. Oh, Alyn. :'-(

Will have to check back on the camp after it's over for photos! :)

oh my god that quote was GOLD.

Also the thorty and mcauley families have got some kind of big love thing going on don't they?

You know, I believe that would probably have been the reaction of 99% of Canucks fans (female and male) but he was probably pretty drunk to have admitted it. :P

They do! First off to LA together and then to the Blue Mountains. It makes me feel achy and happy at the same time.

If he would wear his leathers on those bikes he owns, I'd attend. :D

Somehow I think that might cater to quite a different audience...

McCauley is the winner of a Selke Trophy for Best Defensive Player in the NHL. Isn't the best defensive player award the Norris? Can defensemen be nominated for the Selke?

She totally failed on that one. :P




They ran off into the mountains!!! :D

Followed by sparkly rainbows and little cartoon hearts?

And here they were such a quiet little OTP!

They wake up in the morning and check on their portfolios together.

Do you get ESPN magazine? This latest issue has Linceum on the cover and I wanted to send it to you if you don't already have it :)

Awwwww Thorty.

I do get it!!! I squeaked and made other silly sounds when I saw the cover, and then more sounds when I saw the article! :D Thanks for offering.


Patty doesn't talk!!! :D

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