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e/o shippers!

Still sick as a dog. I've spent pretty much all weekend mainlining SVU haha. They had so many guest actors and cast that I recognise!

George from Dead Like Me when she was like... 15 or something, Denis Leary's dead cop brother on Rescue Me (Sarah Conner's ex on Terminator), Andrew McCarthy, Lou Diamond Phillips, Emily Gilmore as an admissions person at NYU (?!), Jonathan Tucker ♥ (Tommy from The Black Donellys aka the cheesy Irish version of The Godfather that made no sense but did have a hot sex scene between him and Olivia Wilde, aka Thirteen on House who is so beautiful; what is with House and natural blondes who dye their hair brown?) as a very very repressed gay boy all snarly and self-loathing and a whole bunch of others.

Kal Penn was also in one episode. I wonder if Christopher Meloni asked him to do it cos' they were in Harold and Kumar together. How does that conversation go?

MELONI: Hey Kal, how would you like to be a cowardly serial rapist who does it because his father despises him and makes him work as a janitor at his medical practice and he rapes women to feel powerful?
KAL: Sign me up, buddy!!!

Nip/Tuck. Couch fucking. Not fucking on a couch. FUCKING A COUCH. Seriously, one of the most watchable shows ever! :D

I also went browsing those actor umm... what do you call them? I guess they're groups? Fan groups? Fan pages? on Facebook. Aldis Hodge (Hardison on Leverage, the guy who kills Sam on Supernatural, Voodoo on Friday Night Lights ♥) doesn't have one. :( :( :( But he has an actual Facebook page! It seems to be for real cos' he has less than 100 friends and they're almost all in LA.

Then I found the MySpace page of the actress who plays Kathleen Stabler the bipolar one and... in one of her blog posts she uses the phrase "e/o shippers". It makes me very uncomfortable! Why does she know that phrase? Does that mean she's also aware of like... e/o BDSM fic (you know it's out there) or Stabler/? slash? Stabler BDSM SLASH!!! Somehow in my head it all leads back to hockey boys finding and reading porn about themselves.

... this is the kind of thing that concerns me when I'm sick and cooped up for a weekend. :P

[Edit: Most definitely marrying Brian Boucher! Happily accepts a facial from Nabby--that is some backup!]
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