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Went to the Thrashers game on Saturday with lastcatastrophe. :D It was JR's first game back from injury and he got really loud cheers when he took his first couple of shifts and every time he appeared on the Jumbotron. I was hoping he would get a star and he ended up getting first star! It was also nice to see Clowe and Cheech score. It's been a while for those boys.

I remember the first home game against the Wings where the Sharks out-Winged the Wings. I feel like last night the Sharks out-Starred the Stars. We got outshot, Nabby was amazing and a baby scored the goal.

My SVU obsession continues. Stabler, Benson and the ME were recreating a hypothetical scene where two women overpower their friend. Benson clasps Stabler's hands and says.... something girl friend-like, then the ME quickly loops a rope over Stabler's throat from behind. I'm thinking that most people's reaction to that wasn't OMG THAT'S HOT!!! *coughs*

This is old news from three weeks ago, but I just came upon it:

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that LP Barry Zito, trying to come back from two disappointing seasons with the Giants, has buffed up and is optimistic he can improve on the 21-30 record he has produced after signing a seven-year, $126 million contract. Zito, a former A. L. Cy Young winner with the A's, has been working out with fitness guru and fellow Giants pitcher Brian Wilson in Los Angeles. "The workouts are awesome," Zito told the newspaper. "We're working out six days a week, two-a-days." Wilson, whose strenuous workout regimen is matched by his strict diet, says Zito is making progress. "You can see a good difference," he said. "As far as strength goes, I don't think he's done this kind of work before. The gains are tremendous."
Hopefully something good came out of them living together. To make up for Zito gazing creepily at Brian Wilson all season. :(
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