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Roommate Confidential

Okay, so I just read this in The Sporting News and freaked out and of course had to share. :P

He's the captain, so his days of sharing a hotel room are long gone. But Senators forward Daniel Alfredsson knows what makes a good - and bad - roommate. Here's a tip: Avoid someone who has fallen in love with a woman in Europe.
Worst roommate: "Marty Havlat, when he fell in love. His girl was in Europe, and they talked all night long. That was a tough few months there. It kept me up, the phone kept beeping because they were sending texts back and forth. But they're still together, which is nice."

*dying* Also, Alfie's bf seems to be Andreas Dackell, who he said was his best roommate. "It was a pretty smooth relationship."
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