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The Invincible M.A.E.

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First time meme

From bkm5191:

In response to this post, ask me about the first time I did something. It can be anything--the first time I used chopsticks, the first time someone I knew died, the first time I left the country, my first OTP, the first time someone of the opposite sex saw me naked. I'll answer in the thread. Then (if you like) put it on your journal and I'll ask you questions.

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First time you traveled for business.

Ooh, that would be September 2007 when I went to Dallas to consult (!!!) for Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Texas, Oklahoma, Illinois and New Mexico. Which for some bizarre reason is abbreviated to HCSC. It was incredibly terrifying! I was overly concerned about not being able to answer every question they asked. these days I have calmed myself down with the knowledge that most consultants are way more incompetent than I am, haha.

when was the first time you stayed away from home over night?

Excluding like... family vacations, it was when I had this "pastoral care" (What a weird name. Always made me feel like a sheep. I assume this is some kind of Catholic thing) camp at school that lasted a couple of nights, I think? It was about spiritual development and self-discovery and bonding with classmates I think? I don't think we ever knew the point of it. :P I was 14. My mom never ever let me stay overnight with friends. It just doesn't make sense to her as a thing someone would want to do.

pastoral care, you're right! hehee

First time you cut your hair

Oh dear, I imagine my parents would have had my hair cut as a toddler? I don't remember! :)

Your first hockey OTP that you wrote, and the first hockey OTP you would never write.

THORNSTROM! :D I was going to say Dany/Ilya but then I remembered that I... have written them. :P I think Ovechkin/Semin would be kind of horrifying. I'm very shallow and don't like writing about ugly people.

The first wedding you attended.

I think it was my cousin Kar Woh's wedding in Ipoh, Malaysia when I was a little girl. At Chinese weddings generally the whole family is invited so I showed up to lots of them without even necessarily knowing the bride and groom. So that's the only one I kinda' sorta' remember. :)

I think it may have been Yzerman! It was during the 2002 playoffs when I really started following hockey closely and there was so much Red Wings mania.

Miss Goh, my one and only piano teacher! She also taught all of my older sisters! So she would have been giving lessons to my family for... over 20 years. Poor woman. :P

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