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Happy endings for Boosh!

All-Star Weekend
Okay, so I'm less disturbed. Chara was talking about bringing his sticks back to the hotel with him. Not Souray.

The All-Star Game was pretty enjoyable! No checking, obviously, but players were pretty good positionally on defense, and I was surprised by the shot blocks. The shot blockers were probably surprised too. :P

On Thursday or Friday I was thinking about line combinations and who I'd put together and thought hmm... Joe/Patty/Iginla would be pretty awesome. Then 5 minutes later on TV they said that they'd seen those 3 together in practice, haha. What a line! *covets*

Devin showed off some beautiful moves in the YoungStars Game. I'd like to see him try those out in real games (if the opportunity presents itself). Maybe he can practice on East teams, hehe.

Sharks/Avs game
Amazing game from Nabby! Lots of great saves and also a bit of luck, hehe. At one point Drew put an arrow on screen pointing at Nabby's crotch to illustrate a save. :( At least he apologized for doing it.

Awesome game from Milan too. I'm actually more impressed with his crazy backcheck to save an open net goal than with the two goals he scored. Hopefully he will sustain his play and not fade into the background like he has in the past. The second line is so key for making the entire team more effective. If they're not contributing, the team still has a decent chance to win games, but when they're going, the team can administer some serious smackdowns.

A happy ending for Boosh
From the Sharks website:
32-year-old Boucher flew in his parents from Rhode Island so he and his wife could enjoy a relaxing weekend in Las Vegas without the kids. Boucher enjoyed not one, but two massages over the three-day trip.

"We chose to just chill, do the spa, that type of stuff," said Boucher. "I got two massages. I went with a deep tissue the first day and then a more classic massage the second day."

The man flew his parents in to babysit his kids so he could go to Las Vegas for some happy endings. My heart overflows with love!

I blame my HDTV
So when I got my new TV I would sit there at night and kind of gawk at pretty much any HD content there was. Since approximately half of NBC's programming is Law & Order or some variant thereof, I watched some episodes of SVU and... I may have developed some sort of Christopher Meloni thing which disturbs me because he just looks like an unattractive guy but is strangely hot in his mannerisms(?) Sort of like Brian Wilson (the closer, not the Beach Boy).

I am perfectly comfortable with not particularly attractive but boring, weird personality (TP, Boosh) but not hot! Hot is freaky.

Then I found out that he was on Oz and there are all these YouTube videos of him kissing boys (well, the same boy ever time) and whatever makes him hot is all like... amplified on the show and... I am somewhat tempted to watch Oz.

But I think I'll stick to just SVU for now.

Die, fruit flies, die!!!
My roommate's parents brought a lot of fruit up from LA when they visited at Christmas and our apartment subsequently got INFESTED with fruit flies. I was thinking of picking up a spray or something but was too lazy so I just did some Googling instead and made my own wine trap!

I kind of bastardized the instructions and took an empty yogurt container, poured some wine and a little diluted dishwashing liquid into it, secured a small plastic bag (no Saran wrap) over the opening with a rubber band and poked some holes in it. I thought there was no way it was going to work, but it TOTALLY WORKED!!!

It caught most of the fruit flies and I told my roommate excitedly about it, but she didn't share my excitement because she was grossed out. :(
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