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Six Feet Under DVD on sale at Amazon

I just picked up the complete series of Six Feet Under from Amazon for only $60! That would be really cheap even for a regular TV series, let alone an HBO show. I think today's the last day of the sale.

I'm more excited for the 3D episode of Chuck than I am for the Superbowl. :P Going to see if I can pick up some 3D glasses from Safeway when I go grocery shopping later.

I'll be back at the office in SF every day for the foreseeable future! :D This is very exciting for me because it means extra time and it will be much easier for me to go to the gym. :)

[Edit: Also, because trauma is meant to be shared, when Chara was being interviewed on the red carpet, he was told that Souray had been "looking at the size of his stick" and Chara's response was that he was bringing Souray back to the hotel later. I don't even know.]
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