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Great goalie action

Watched Yotes/Hawks tonight, and damn, those goalies were on. *giggle* Zac Bierk (Yotes) is brother of Sebastian Bach, who was lead singer of Skid Row, and he looks like him, too! I.e. cute! *giggles insanely* What can I say, I like hair bands. :P

Tammy just told me Thorty made the all-hottie team. *cheer* My Thorty love is so through the roof after Oilers/Sharks.

Ended up not working out today. Felt like I had a sore throat and a cold coming on, so I decided not to push it. *looks at self* I want to be skinny again! *pokes tummy*

Chip's noticed my strange, uhh, obsession with Thorty's fights. He's offered to go barfighting so I can watch him fight. Last I heard, he was trying to figure out what the best way to pick a fight is. He's so sweet. :)

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