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Douchiness is contagious, apparently

Okay, so maybe I haven't paid attention to Brian Wilson (San Francisco Giants, not Beach Boys) as a person like... ever, but listening to him on KNBR, I think spending the off-season with Zito has turned him into a complete douche. I guess this is fine seeing as he's not my buddy and I will never never have to talk to him, but unlike all previous closers in the admittedly brief time I've been following the Giants, he was actually able to close, and I will be unhappy if that changes.

He keeps referring to himself in the third person. :( :( :(

Speaking of Zito, soupypictures posted a link to him on TMZ a while ago. Zito is a douche.

I found out yesterday that Joe Thornton is the captain for the West at the ASG and my reaction was to become weepy, but when I realised that I was getting weepy over Joe Thornton I became horrified. But I wasn't done being weepy, so I was weepy and horrified at the same time which is a very strange sensation, I'll tell ya.

Watched the episode of Leverage with JR doing his cameo and it was actually a pretty significant role! He appeared all through the show. Fun stuff. Ooh and I caught the 2-hour Lost premiere and really enjoyed it. I'm glad it's back but I'm also glad it's ending after next season. I'm a big believer in good things ending in the right time. :)
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