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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Brian Boucher

Stalking is Boosh-approved

Nabby playing ping pong against Jamie Baker
Seriously, he's still the 7 year old who kicked a guy in the shins for heckling his dad.

Here's the clip of JR's cameo on Leverage. The cameo is pretty lame, but Boyle and Boosh are awesome making fun of him. :P

Boosh explaining that fans should stalk players. My love for him just keeps growing...

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your team is so much cooler than mine.

We just have people who catch it on camera!


Has he always been this wonderful? I wasn't aware that he had a personality!

Aww, the first video with the guy laughing is awesome. And that girl! She used to be on Coupling, I think. I like her.

As for the stalking...I'd seriously want to hunt him down. "You said it was okay to ask you some in depth questions about your lower body injury, so here I am in your shower..."

She plays a stage actress who's terrible, but a wonderful actress when trying to con people IRL.


Thank you, thank you, thank you! Eeeee JR!

And mmm, Dan Boyle in shorts....

I want something Sharks with Boucher on it cause that's my last name too.

Hehe, perhaps they'll make a name and number T-shirt for him.

I've watched that ping pong clip more than can be healthy. PLEASE NEVER CHANGE, NABBY.

It is totally fabulous! Except for the part where he sort of wrestles with Jamie. That was awkward. But everything else is amazing!

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