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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Assorted hockey ramblings

Played a little bit of NHL2K3 last night. Couldn't fucking score to save my life. Damn it, that's not videogame hockey! Nobody should be able to strip me of the puck unless they check me 10 feet through the air! *grin* How do I do a damn one-timer? *bitch bitch*

Actually, it looks pretty cool, I just have to figure out how to play it and fiddle around with settings and such. I'll put it on the retard setting until I learn how everything works.

*cheers for Jason fucking Arnott and Lehts* I like too many teams. I at least kinda' like every team in the West except for two. I blame HD.

I wonder if the Blues/Sharks game tomorrow will be even half as entertaining as Oilers/Sharks. Much shriekage will ensue if it is. IloveplayingtheOilers.

I need to write! But I'm being pulled in too many directions at once. I want to write Best of Seven, and I want to write Cerulean Sky, especially after seeing CS talking about his hand and how they were thinking of amputating it *weeps* and I also want to write Arkora smut, err, well, just because. *head explodes*

Okay! *calms down* The plan: go to gym, run, get fic ideas, go home, watch Yotes/Hawks, write while watching.


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wasnt that smifflish? *hugs CS*

*pokes mae fic* I don't care which one *ggg*

It so was, like, just hearing his voice, the way he took things, he's just such a strong guy, but so gentle at the same time. *cries*

And thanks, Frala :) *huggle*

Yes exactly *sigh*

and *huggles*

Lehts is so awesome! And like Tippet said [I will paraphrase badly here], "Some guys just compliment each other well [on the Morrow, Kapanen, Lehts line]. And Lehts, well, he just compliments everybody." And he does! Eeeeeeeee! I'm so glad he's getting goals b/c they'll make stupid idiots who don't recognize his amazing ability recognize his amazing ability! *shakes fists at stupid people* Goals do not equal playing ability!

AND CS! *wails*

Like frala, I don't care..just write. :)

*sigh* Yeah, I love Sunny and he has ... one goal on the season? *grin*

*still stunned by CS*

Lol. Only one? Awwwwwww....

Yeah with the amount of celebrating Lira and I have done, you'd think he had 30. *giggle*

I thought he had like 10.

He broke a 54-game drought with that goal, LOL! Even Chip was celebrating.

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