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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Ryane Clowe

Day in the Life: Ryane Clowe

As promised, the Day in the Life episode featuring Ryane Clowe.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Most of it is pretty boring because... hockey players are pretty boring, but it's worth watching for the pre-game tribal dance ritual at ~2:30 of Part 2. And if you keep watching, Ryane talks about this special handshake that he came up with and I can't find it on YouTube because MLB are nazis about videos but it's a total rip off of the Swisher and Milton Bradley home run celebration!

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hahaha, yeahhhh, it's a rip off. that's pretty funny.

It's not even like he can claim ignorance cos' he was at an A's game for the ceremonial pitch. :P

You're welcome! Ping pong Nabby coming up next.

I wonder who he's yelling at to put some clothes on.. hahhahha

*weeps* I'm pretty sure I know.

That's a fucking mosh pit! Ahahahahahahah

It's disturbing, yet I can't stop watching!

I love how this is a Clowe special, but Thornton still has to be naked!interviewed.

It's terrible because he pretty much gets interviewed after every game and he's always naked. And I think he infected Devin too.

Yeah, but Devin naked is a good thing, not trauma.

It's a bit traumatizing for me! He's like family!

...but it's a total rip off of the Swisher and Milton Bradley home run celebration!

LOL it totally is. :D

Thanks for this! :)

Your Slovak husband is a dirty fucking diver.

I don't think I saw the handshake! Thinking about Swish and Milton's handshake makes me weepy. :(

Dude, he sounds so proud of it too! "We came up with it ourselves."

Also, Marian is European. :P And I just realised that all of my husbands are American! TP, Boosh, umm... I can't remember any more husbands. :(

Although it does sound like he says "I like to think" after that. So maybe he realizes he's a huge biter.

I like to keep it to one per country. Canadian husband, American husband, German husband. :D

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