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Still mesmerized by HD

Went on an awesome hike with eggpuff yesterday. We went to Mount Tamalpais and the weather was really good! Two weeks earlier I was expecting that it would probably be cold and rainy, but it's actually pretty nice to hike in that kind of weather because everything is very fresh and alive.

We hit on a pocket of warm weather though, and it was even warm on the beach! Northern California beaches are usually freezing even in the summer and it's winter now!

Sharks made it through the Western Canada road trip with better results than I'd expected. I thought we were finally done with playing too many babies, but then people got injured and we have two questionable babies and... Alexei Semenov playing forward. :P

Looking forward to Torrey Mitchell coming back, and early enough that he should be able to adjust to playing real games. It'll be interesting to see where he fits in, because Goc has played solidly enough to establish himself at that third line center spot. Perhaps Torrey could do some fourth line duty and make every line a scoring threat, haha.

I couldn't stop myself from saying Boooooooooooosh every time he made a good save last night. Or you know, looked goofy.

NFL playoffs are still beautiful in HD although the Giants are out. I think the Panthers were guilty of underestimating the Cardinals. The Titans kinda' putzed their game against the Ravens. I'm pretty neutral towards them as a football team, but because they're in Nashville, I will LOL at them.

Went to dim sum with Alex, Tessa, Chip and Jenny today. Baby played with my face, grabbing at it and tugging my hair.
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