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Horribly behind on LJ, but I'll catch up this weekend! :) It's not even that I'm extra busy right now, but I turn on the TV and whatever is in HD (which seems 99% of the time to be some L&O or CSI variant) will mesmerize me until 11 PM.

Watched the BCS National Championship game last night. The Gators won, but it wasn't as fun of a win as two years ago because they were the underdogs then. I enjoyed the game, but I enjoy SEC football in general because it's like the pro game. College football is pretty unwatchable to me otherwise. I was really surprised by how accurate Tebow's throws were. I still think of him as the QB they would swap in for Chris Leak when they needed him to run. I love that he runs like a running back and not like a QB (sliding feet first into a stop).

Is Sam Bradford really only 1/16th Cherokee? He looks significantly un-white. In their excitement for him to be a Native American hero, maybe they forgot to mention he's like half Mexican or something, hahaha. Also, apparently he's a hockey fan and his favourite team is the Canucks! I don't know how a kid from Oklahoma becomes a hockey fan, but that's pretty cool. :)

As far as TV goes, I've been catching up on Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and it's really good. The first season was enjoyable, but the second season has had what I think is an Emmy-worthy episode. Best sci-fi show on network TV right now.

Watched the Day in the Life with Ryane Clowe this morning. It was mostly boring, but worth watching for the footage of the bizarre umm, tribal dance pre-game ritual he's involved in along with a few others. Also, he totally stole Swisher and Milton Bradley's special handshake!!! I don't know how he can live with himself. Will be uploading this soonish.

In a somewhat bizarre oversight, I forgot that my period started last night. Good thing the site I'm at has free pads and tampons in the bathrooms. :P
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