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The Invincible M.A.E.

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(no subject)

Horribly behind on LJ, but I'll catch up this weekend! :) It's not even that I'm extra busy right now, but I turn on the TV and whatever is in HD (which seems 99% of the time to be some L&O or CSI variant) will mesmerize me until 11 PM.

Watched the BCS National Championship game last night. The Gators won, but it wasn't as fun of a win as two years ago because they were the underdogs then. I enjoyed the game, but I enjoy SEC football in general because it's like the pro game. College football is pretty unwatchable to me otherwise. I was really surprised by how accurate Tebow's throws were. I still think of him as the QB they would swap in for Chris Leak when they needed him to run. I love that he runs like a running back and not like a QB (sliding feet first into a stop).

Is Sam Bradford really only 1/16th Cherokee? He looks significantly un-white. In their excitement for him to be a Native American hero, maybe they forgot to mention he's like half Mexican or something, hahaha. Also, apparently he's a hockey fan and his favourite team is the Canucks! I don't know how a kid from Oklahoma becomes a hockey fan, but that's pretty cool. :)

As far as TV goes, I've been catching up on Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and it's really good. The first season was enjoyable, but the second season has had what I think is an Emmy-worthy episode. Best sci-fi show on network TV right now.

Watched the Day in the Life with Ryane Clowe this morning. It was mostly boring, but worth watching for the footage of the bizarre umm, tribal dance pre-game ritual he's involved in along with a few others. Also, he totally stole Swisher and Milton Bradley's special handshake!!! I don't know how he can live with himself. Will be uploading this soonish.

In a somewhat bizarre oversight, I forgot that my period started last night. Good thing the site I'm at has free pads and tampons in the bathrooms. :P

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I get mesmerized by HD too. Usually by Discovery HD. I'm apparently a sucker for sweeping vistas of nature in glorious HD or something.

Ooh, I've been watching Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles too! I have the first season on DVD but am only a few episodes into it. I keep getting distracted (usually because I'm mesmerized by HD nature shows or whatever) but I'm really enjoying it. I've also gotten into Bones after I picked up season 1 for cheap and am really enjoying that too. I need to watch more TV (or use my PVR for the purpose for which it was intended and set it up to tape shows so I don't have the excuse of forgetting that they're on!).

And oh man, I've forgotten to bring supplies with me during my period too. My office is primarily female but half of them are older and past menopause so finding pads can sometimes be tricky! The worst is when you're out at a restaurant or a movie or something, eep.

Good thing I don't have any sort of HD package or I would never be heard from again.

Season 2 is even better than season 1! Sadly the show is being sent to Friday night to die. I enjoy Bones and I love that Boreanaz is a huge hockey fan and he keeps trying to put in hockey references in the show. Apparently there's a big Ovechkin poster on the wall of the diner they always go to.

Oh man, I've never noticed that poster! I will have to look closer when I watch the next episode. I'm a little sad - I'm almost done season 1! I will have to find the rest of them soon.

your team plane is parked next to me! haha I was like 'what a weird striping, what fucking airline is that colour.... oh sharks' hahah it all made sense then!

oy forgetting period stuff is so annoying! good thing they do!

*giggle* I didn't know that we had a dedicated plane. I guess that makes sense.

your team is all rich and fancy! :D

Queen of useless info seyz

*waves* hai from Oklahoma. And yes, Bradford is really just that much. He lucked out on the gene pool. I've seen a lot of people with more blood that look as white as white can be. Genetics r fuuun. Anyways.. everyone here is depressed about that game. They were expecting a win. *snerk* Not a football fan here, sorry.

re: Oklahoma hockey. We've had a minor league team, the Blazers, for about 15 years now, and it's actually the third reincarnation of the team in Oklahoma City. Been hockey on and off since the 20's, really, in OKC and Tulsa both. At one point during the late 70's/early 80's, they were the farm team for the North Stars too. >.< Nashville stole our NHL team tho.. we were in the final three bidding that expansion.

*sends chocolate and backrubs*

Re: Queen of useless info seyz

His white parts are probably of the more ethnic variety, heh. It always confuses me when teams score 2043803728 points during the season and expect that means that they'll win against a team that actually plays defense.

Perhaps the Preds would not be the awful team they are today if they were in Oklahoma.

Having my period actually has no effect on me at all (aside from the obvious)!

...Nick Swisher influenced Ryane Clowe in some way? I HAVE TO SEE THIS IN PERSON. I LOVE NICKY. I got so mad when he turned into a gross Yankee.

He claims he came up with it! Plagiarist!

Damn it, Clowie. WE NEED TO TALK.

I missed that game. I've tried to get into college football since I like the NFL so much, but it doesn't work for me. Every now and again I'll catch something, like I was around for Boise State's Fiesta Bowl win the other year, and that was cool, but most of the time...meh.

I also missed the Ryane Clowe thing, so thanks in advance for sharing. :)

Oh, if you like the NFL then don't bother watching college football except for SEC football cos' it blows. :P

You're welcome!

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