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The Invincible M.A.E.

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At least he knows it

There's this flatbread with mushroom and truffle oil thing in the frozen section from Trader Joe's and it's very tasty. :) Another thing that's tasty is the snowflake gelato from Naia. It's white chocolate with chunks of sugar for a nice crunch.

Leafs TV aired an interview with Ron Wilson and Brian Burke during a game. Ron once put shampoo in Burke's shoe hahaha. I uploaded it:

There's a profile of Ryan Getzlaf in Sporting News Today and the highlight is this:
Favorite physical attribute about myself: Eyes
And least ... Hair


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And least ... Hair
There is most definitely coffee all over my keyboard now. AHAHAHA.

P.S. All this talk about food has made me hungry... :(

Sadly he's going to traumatize me at the ASG again. :(

WTF? I hate Getzlaf. I wanna poke out his favorite feature about himself.

I love Wilson's reaction when Burke is relating the prank.

Haha, yeah, I love when he's all "I would never do that to you" with a huge grin.

hahahha he makes me smile... and still kinda wnat to kick him in the junk!

Crazy erection, Frala. Crazy erection.


His bald spot is so traumatizing!

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