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Guys, I'm so excited for the Winter Classic!!! I hope all of you at the game have a great time. :D

I also read something last night that Emrick will not be calling the game because he has laryngitis (THE HOCKEY GODS HAVE SPOKEN) and I didn't even know he was supposed to call the game (well, if I'd stopped blocking it out I could have guessed since he seems to ruin call every important NHL game) so this was like a post-Christmas present. A New Year present! I get to just sit back and enjoy the game. :)

(Seriously, that constant replay of Crosby's shootout goal from last year? When Emrick screeches "SCORE!" it hurts my soul. And sadly, the horror will live on for eternity. Hearing his voice makes the black fist of hate grip my heart and in that moment I hate Sidney Crosby, snow and the colour baby blue.)

[Edit: OMG I will get to watch the game in HD!!!]

I finally watched Leverage last night and I'm madly in love with it. The only reason I recorded it was that Christian Kane is in it and I generally give anything starring a Buffy or Angel alum a chance. But Voodoo from Friday Night Lights is in the show too and he is awesome! He plays a geek, and of course I'm partial to geeks. :D I also love that he's got some range. He was terrifying as Voodoo and somewhat scary as his character on Supernatural But he's totally chill in this show.

As for the show itself, it's got a little bit of that fun A-Team thing going. This has the potential to be my favourite new TV series of the season (network TV failed me).
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