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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Guys, I'm so excited for the Winter Classic!!! I hope all of you at the game have a great time. :D

I also read something last night that Emrick will not be calling the game because he has laryngitis (THE HOCKEY GODS HAVE SPOKEN) and I didn't even know he was supposed to call the game (well, if I'd stopped blocking it out I could have guessed since he seems to ruin call every important NHL game) so this was like a post-Christmas present. A New Year present! I get to just sit back and enjoy the game. :)

(Seriously, that constant replay of Crosby's shootout goal from last year? When Emrick screeches "SCORE!" it hurts my soul. And sadly, the horror will live on for eternity. Hearing his voice makes the black fist of hate grip my heart and in that moment I hate Sidney Crosby, snow and the colour baby blue.)

[Edit: OMG I will get to watch the game in HD!!!]

I finally watched Leverage last night and I'm madly in love with it. The only reason I recorded it was that Christian Kane is in it and I generally give anything starring a Buffy or Angel alum a chance. But Voodoo from Friday Night Lights is in the show too and he is awesome! He plays a geek, and of course I'm partial to geeks. :D I also love that he's got some range. He was terrifying as Voodoo and somewhat scary as his character on Supernatural But he's totally chill in this show.

As for the show itself, it's got a little bit of that fun A-Team thing going. This has the potential to be my favourite new TV series of the season (network TV failed me).

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WINTER CLASSIC!!!! I was weepy by the opening, and I kept forgetting that in addition to all the other awesomeness, it's a Very Martian Winter Classic. :')

As much of a gift as Anyone But Emrick is, are you not getting CBC/Hughson? Aw.

Dude dude dude!!! Thinking about the Winter Classic I keep thinking I want Winter Classic Martian fic. Like very much. Also, dude, they've been in on all the goals!!! Which makes me feel even more squeeful and melty.

*sniffle* I was just talking to fullycompletely about this and I'm hoping there will be a CBC replay or something.

But you know, I'm watching hockey in HD for the first time and I'm... mesmerized...

OMG, I KNOW. I KNOW. Someone has to write it!

I bet there will be. :) But oh, HD hockey, I'm so jealous.

For some reason Marty keeps popping up as the first guy in those shots of the line up of players so there's a big close up of his fuzzy face, haha. Also, why is Versteeg so cute? They showed him in the locker room yesterday morning and he'd put on a ski mask and pretended to try to stuff a muffin into his mouth a few times before finally pulling it down to eat.

I couldn't decide if I was scared of Versteeg's mask or it was adorable. A little of both. My mom said he looked like Pavs at one point and I shrieked that Pavs was not that ugly. :p But he is. :(

There was not enough Martian love for me.

Dude, I was watching that Day in the Life with Ryane Clowe, and someone was looking over from another a table and smiling and I thought he was kind of cute but didn't know who he was, then I realised it was PAVELSKI. *shrieks*

That's incredibly upsetting. My love for Pavs is pure and good and unsexual! I save that kind of love for Cheech. And then feel guilty. :(

Mae, I have to thank you for uploading Devin singing and playing the guitar and the Sharks singing Jingle Bells. I nearly died. :)

You're welcome! That stuff absolutely has to be shared. :D

this icon has nothing to do with anything, i just feel sorry for it

Dude. That was an awesome first two periods, then I wandered away to do something for like FIVE SECONDS and when I came back it was 6-3. Anonymous Swedish Evil wins once again. Although being allowed to gaze upon Marty dreamily for a few hours made it all worth it. I love that the film crew is in love with him! I also love that he has scary celebrations. I also love that Toews has flushed pink baby cheeks that I want to pinch. And Wrigley Field. I'll stop naming things I love now!

Re: this icon has nothing to do with anything, i just feel sorry for it

*squints* Who is that in your icon?

While I was watching the game, I noticed how good the ice seemed to be... then thought that would be bad news for the Blackhawks. :P

I felt all weepy for the first 5 minutes of the game. :)

Re: this icon has nothing to do with anything, i just feel sorry for it

*embarrassed* Ovechkin.

Re: this icon has nothing to do with anything, i just feel sorry for it

Wow, I couldn't recognise him at all because he didn't look ugly!

Re: this icon has nothing to do with anything, i just feel sorry for it

I know! I think it's a combination of babyness, blurriness and good camera angles.

Will you write me some Winter Classic-style Martian?

I will love you for ever.

But but... YOU are supposed to write Winter Classic Martian fic!!!

Why me? (she cried, shaking her fist at the sky)

I WILL love you for ever if you do, though. You know.

oh man my friends list keeps talking about Leverage and there is no shot of it coming here!

You could download it! Or watch it through other illegal means...

It's a really fun show. It's Ocean's Eleven crossed with The A-Team haha.

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