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Football talk

I've had various thoughts about stuff to post but I can't really remember them anymore, so I'm just going to post about football. :P

I follow hockey, baseball and football, but I follow them very differently. With baseball, I have (had) the team I follow, and players that I like, but without an emotional stake of some sort, I'm not interested in watching baseball. For football, it's the other way around. I really like the 49ers (to the point they can actually make me weepy) but I really enjoy just watching a great football game between two good teams. I'm interested in all of the playoff games. And with hockey, it's between. I love the Sharks the most :D but I also enjoy watching other teams play and watch HNIC every week, have my players on other teams that I love, watch as many playoff games as I can, but my Sharks love outweighs that.

LOLOL at the Broncos for blowing a 3 game lead with 4 weeks to go and losing a playoff spot in the last game of the season again. The last time they did it, the loss was to the 49ers who were more pathetic than they are this season and the coach said that he hoped some other team (fighting for the same playoff spot) would win their game so that the Broncos would be forced to win to get in.


Jay Cutler may have a great arm, but boy does he seem like a shitty leader. I don't know if his face is just like that all the time or something, but it's not very inspirational to your team when you're sitting on the bench sulking the whole game. Even before they started getting killed by the Chargers. Not that I like the Chargers. Rivers seems like a bit of an ass, and Norv Turner bailed on the 49ers in a way that killed the next season after a pretty promising season.

[Edit: How cute is little Darren Sproles? He's 5'6" and he's like a midget compared to everyone on the field. Nobody can stop a running back who's so short you can't see him!]

In a completely unsurprising move, Singletary was named head coach fo' real. I love the way the team has responded to him. I'm a little less enthusiastic about the whole perception that Shaun Hill is the man. He's adequate but he's not the guy. I want Alex Smith to be the guy, and I think he's a little closer to it, but he might not be it either. I'm fussy about QBs, though. Everyone lurves Romo and Cutler and I'm unimpressed by them. :P

We desperately need wide receivers. Hopefully that's a top priority for a free agent signing. Josh Morgan and Jason Hill could develop but that's an uncertainty. Isaac Bruce is old and he's our best wide receiver. That is not a good thing. We have a kickass cornerback in Nate Clements, an awesome linebacker in Patrick Willis (my favourite!), a game-changing running back in Frank Gore, and the offensive line is not awful. We're just lacking in the wide receiver department. Going forward it's going to be more smashmouth football with the whole power running game thing that I like, but you still need a passing game to keep defenses honest.

And now to yesterday's game! Yet another 4th quarter comeback, this time against a decent team. It's weird, the 49ers have now moved into the lower middle group of football teams and I'm like, overjoyed because that's such an improvement over what they've been the past few years haha. The record is 7-9 and you'd think it was 12-4 or something given how happy everyone is, but there's optimism for the future. Winning the NFC West next season is a very real possibility.

My long snapper is also a yoga instructor.

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