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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Watching football in HD is AMAZING. And I don't know whether I just have a better TV than most restaurants/sports bars, or it's better viewing conditions in my room, but the picture is just so much nicer. The colours are really rich, not washed out at all, and there's no streaking or anything (which could be a problem with sports given all the fast movement).

The picture was so amazing, I barely even noticed that the 49ers were playing terribly against the RAMS. :P

I have to say the St. Louis fans are really classy. They Bruuuuuuuuuced every time Isaac Bruce got a catch, even when he caught a touchdown and they cheered for him because it was his 1000th catch. I know the Rams aren't making the playoffs so it's a meaningless game, but it was still a nice thing for them to do.

And then Shaun Hill somehow pulled 2 touchdowns out of his ass in the last 5 minutes of the game and the Niners won 17-16!!! I respect the guy for telling his coach that he wanted to stay in the game when he was told that he was going to be taken out, and then backing it up. Having the whole team back him up. I still don't believe that he should be our long-term quarterback, but I have respect for and trust in him.

LOL our leading rusher today was the STARTING QB ahahaha. Run, Shaun, run!

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Have you seen hockey in hd yet? And YES! Football is amazing!

No, I don't have a HD package so I only get the free HD channels, i.e. the networks. I think my first chance to watch hockey in HD will be the Winter Classic. :D

I was MESMERIZED for an entire day!!!

I flailed so hard at the end of that game. I couldn't stick around on AIM to see if you'd watched it live to flail at you, but flail! FLAIL!

I thought the 'Bruuuuuuuuuuce' by the Rams fans was really nice. it made me kind of verklempt, and then for his 1000th catch to be a TD? That is memorable and fitting.

Man, that game was like something straight out of an inspirational sports movie. Apparently Singletary was going to take Shaun Hill out of the game, but he "saw something in his eyes" (no joke) and let him stay in.

He has been amazingly good this season! Well to me, anyway, the 49ers have had crappy wide receivers ever since I started following them. Kind of ironic, considering the best wide receiver of all time was a 49er.

There was a thing on Sports Sunday last night about Alex Smith wanting to come back to the Niners next season. I am hopeful!

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