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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Brian Boucher


I was talking with Alex the other day at lunch and we were talking about Buffy and this led to him saying that after people graduate from college, some of them get kind of depressed because they start to realise that their dreams aren't going to come true. Then I said, "Not everyone has dreams!" and he laughed at me. :(

And so I turn to my trusty friends list...
Poll #1318916 Dreams

Have you ever had a dream? (E.g. become an astronaut)


The sorta' odd thing is that I was just flipping through free HD channels and there was an evangelist on who said, "God would not have put the dream in your heart if you weren't equipped with what you need." WHAT IF GOD DIDN'T PUT THE DREAM IN MY HEART MOTHERFUCKER???

More importantly, I have a video clip of several Sharks singing "Jingle Bells". And trying to name Santa's reindeer.

  • WARNING: Joe Thornton appears in this wearing nothing but a teal Santa hat. :( :( :( One moment I was enjoying Ehrhoff speaking German and the next I was SCREAMING IN HORROR. Good thing I was alone at home.
  • Boosh sings with a sorta' Russian accent. lastcatastrophe said he's trying to imitate Nabby. *squeaks*
  • Lukowich is a ham.
  • Speaking of hams, why is JR not in this??? :P
  • I am saddened that Kate Longworth successfully coerced McLellan into doing this.
  • Did you know that Pronger is one of Santa's reindeer?
  • Appearing in this clip are: Brad Lukowich, Mike Ricci, Joe Pavelski, Todd McLellan, Jody Shelley, Joe Thornton, Ryane Clowe, Brian Boucher, Marc-Edouard Vlasic, Christian Ehrhoff, Alexei Semenov, Tom Holy's bobblehead, Dan Boyle and Doug Wilson.

I'm glad that YouTube supports H.264 now! Or maybe they have for a while, I only found out while looking up the suggested resolution for widescreen clips (it's 1280x720). It looks noticeably nicer than Xvid/DivX I think.

you are awesome thanks for uploading :D

and some people totally do not have them. Shit I dont even know what I want to be when I grow up let alone have a dream

*giggle* You're welcome!!!

Yes! I mean, the majority of people do, but some don't! It's not laugh-worthy!

(E.g. become an astronaut)

That was min in 3rd grade. The price you pay growing up next to Mission Control. Everyone and their brother wants to be an astronaut. I still want to go up in space.

I have to say that I didn't think anyone actually would have that dream! Did you watch the Discovery channel series about the NASA missions that aired last summer? It was really well done with lots of footage from the '60s that really gave you an idea of what the astronauts went through.


I know!!! He is a total assbaby. :(

Is Barfight naked all the time??? Makes me wonder, you know? But I love your boys and Lucky actually has a half way decent voice. :)

And as someone who speaks German, I love that Erhoff did it auf Deutsch! :) Thank you so much for this!

and yes...I had some dreams; but some people don't.

He certainly seems to be! *CRIES*

Did you watch the thing where they followed Goc and Ehrhoff around for a day and they went to a German restaurant and stuff?

(Deleted comment)
The Pronger reindeer thing totally killed me.

So, I'm still getting over bronchitis. And fits of laughter will sometimes send me into coughing fits.

This one caused two coughing fits. haha

Naked Joe Thornton... why are you surprised?? haha

Doh! But at the same time glad you found it funny. :P

It's just so awful. Cute, cute, cute, cute, NAKED JOE THORNTON out of nowhere.

Ohhh I thought you meant dreams as in R.E.M. Well, I've had the other kind too though, so anyway. :P

Yeah, I thought I'd throw the astronaut thing in to clarify. :P

I thought he was gonna say "jingle balls." :P

I had dreams when I was six--concrete things like wanting to be an artist, but those things became far more vague after that. Like, just wanting to be older, taller.

I think those count as dreams. Well, I suppose it's to do with how much you want something? I was thinking about this cos' it's like, I want to learn how to swim the butterfly, but I wouldn't exactly call that a dream.

Dan Boyle was totally talking about Scary Dee. I'll explain her if you want.

Joe reminds me of a line from The Wedding Singer: "Hey, somebody put some pants on that kid."

I didn't notice what he said.

I like Abby's suggestion of a compulsory permanent snowsuit.


I didn't know that Pronger was a reindeer. That's kind of awesome.

I love the way Reech is like "Pronger?" questioningly muahahaha.

dear god someone needs to do an intervention for Joe and his nakedness.
But oh my god this guys are the biggest dorks like EVER!
And Boosh, Boosh *giggle*

*weeps* They do!!! They need to call a team meeting!

I love how strange and boring Boosh is at the same time.

(Deleted comment)
Lucky is just showing everything he learned from being Nickelback's roadie. ;)

Ahahahaha indeed. Between him and JR I think you have a season's worth of mic'd up content.


Lukowich was my favorite part, as well as the three seconds of Pickles, and TOM HOLY'S BOBBLEHEAD. ♥♥♥

As if being naked wasn't bad enough, he was sweaty too. :(

Lukowich is such a ham! He's JR-level of hamminess! Dude, the bobblehead. Sasky said that Tom Holy has his own locker and the only thing in it is the bobblehead!

I like how they threw Joe Thornton in saying Merry Christmas in Canadian with the other random ethnics.

What, Canadians aren't ethnic? :P