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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Brian Boucher

Everyone in Newfoundland knows everyone else

There was a phone interview last night with Patrick Kane on Versus about the whole team crashing showing up at Tallon's dad's funeral. If anyone's interested, I can upload. Lemme know.

Vanek and Jeff Carter are #1 and #2 in the league in goals but they never get talked about (in a league context). Granted Vanek has... 5 assists, but Heatley was a one-dimensional goal scorer for years and got plenty of attention. They need to do something media-friendly to get attention. I was going to suggest that Vanek prance around in lederhosen, but I read his Wiki entry and apparently he is the product of an UNHOLY UNION BETWEEN A CZECH AND SLOVAK.


Apparently Adam Baldwin (from Chuck) has been a Kings fan for 25 years and was at the game last night with Chuck aka Zachary Levi aka Lupul clone. Again, if anyone's interested, I can upload the interview. :)

The Sharks PK somehow emerged from killing 5 penalties with 1 goal FOR. :D Patty ties the game with a SHG and is completely expressionless--that's the captain I know and love! :P

Boosh ended the shootout with a really ballsy poke check which seems kind of out of character for him. Well, not in line with his personality anyway. Did he used to do that kind of thing? I think somehow he learned it from Nabby. It's totally Nabby's move. He'll poke check from the locker room occasionally.

Ryane Clowe and Teddy Purcell (from the Kings) are best of friends. Because Purcell is also a Newfie and everyone knows everyone else there. They both scored goals and were both in the shootout, so Chloe felt extra pressure to score. He made his shot and Purcell didn't (on the aforementioned poke check). :P

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(Deleted comment)
It occurs to me that I omitted the part where Vanek is Austrian, and thus the lederhosen doesn't completely come out of nowhere... but man, I know they used to be the same country, but that is just WRONG.


I had no idea things like that existed.

A Czech and a Slovak? SURELY IT CANNOT BE!

Ahh ahh trying to decide if i want to use a Chuck icon or Adam Baldwin from Firefly!! I love Chuck! I want to see the interview!

Adam Baldwin seems the same IRL as his character on the show, haha. Also when I watched it again before I uploaded, I noticed that the Buy More boss is next to him, and I think Lester and umm... the female agent can't remember her name right now, are in the same row as Chuck.

Can you upload a Stars win?

Uhh... hey, didn't they just win two in a row?

I think I've saved like every article about the funeral burgers that exists on the internet, but I would love to hear that interview!!! ♥

Also, I saw that Chuck cast interview and it made me warm inside. They had a similar thing with the cast of 90210 awhile ago; those seats must be reserved for Hollywood people or something, because I swear that was the same exact location.

Will do!

Yeah, it's a special box. Can't remember what it was, but the sideline bitch said some brand. Which 90210 people were on?

It was ummmmm Ethan, Silver, and the anorexic one, I haven't watched it in a long time, haha.

I wonder who the hockey fan was in the bunch. Maybe they have a Canadian!

Yeah, Ethan and Annie are both from Canada, I think.

That's right! Annie was on Degrassi. Err, not that I've ever watched that.

I love when minor tv stars are big hockey fans, because we make a huge deal of them. In chuck news they played the first four eps here then it disappeared!

Dude, seriously, whenever I find out any actor likes hockey I like them 10 times more hahaha. I always geek out about Robin's Canadianness on How I Met Your Mother.

That is evil. You should download them.

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