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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Brian Boucher


I woke up at 6 AM to do work (eeeeeeeek) and it started hailing! At first I thought it was just loud heavy rain, but when I looked outside it seemed kind of whitish and not very dense. Still, I was too dumb to figure it out until Alex told me that it had hailed.

My HDTV arrived today! It's sitting in my room now. I'm too tired to set it up now and didn't earlier cos' umm, I was watching the Sharks game and didn't want to be interrupted. :P

Sharks were not looking so good tonight. We could sustain losing Torrey and Cheech, but losing Pavelski really hurts, not to mention JR. While he wasn't making huge contributions, he's still a wily old veteran who I feel safer with than say... Cavanagh, Kaspar or McGinn. Lucky that the defense is fully intact and thank goodness for the third line. Serious love for Marcel Goc. :D

But the most love for Boosh. It's really kind of embarrassing how much I like him now. It looked like the Kings were probably going to win it in OT and I was thinking, well, they've earned a win so it's okay if they... NO BOOOOOOSH! BOOSH MUST GET A WIN!!!

I want to do crossword puzzles with him.

[Edit: Also, holy crap, we won a shootout without our two go to guys (Pavelski and Roenick).]

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That is all.


I have to admit, without Joe-Joe and JR in the SO, I was sad, but I'd completely forgotten about Boyle! And he's 2-for-2 in SOs this year! And Chloe is pretty good, too (better than Cheech at least :( ), although not as gold as Joe-Joe and JR. So I was unsurprised when he scored, too.

I'm glad it didn't have to go to three rounds, because *then* I would've started getting nervous.

Boyle does everything. Including everyone's laundry.

Chloe has done quite well! He said in the postgame interview that he was watching how the goalie reacted to Boyle... which probably explains why he essentially made the same move. :P

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