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Brian Boucher

My brain is mush

It looks like I'll be working for the second weekend in a row, following a week in which I caught a 7.30 AM flight into LA and an 8.30 PM flight back that same day. Woe, woe, woe.

An article on the Dan Boyle trade. Boyle and Lukowich went to a heavy metal concert together, hehehe!!!

Going to the Dickens Fair today. Never been before, so it should be interesting. I hope they have food. STARVING.

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What's wrong with Lucky? I noticed he was out.

Oops, this is kind of belated news but McLellan sold him out and said it was a groin injury. Then they asked Lukowich about it and he tried to be all coy. :P He played last night though, so thankfully nothing serious.

jesus that is a bit rough. Flying sucks at the best of times.

At least I had a free seat next to me and napped almost the whole flight home. It's good to be small! :)

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