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The Invincible M.A.E.

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I was out all day yesterday. 7.30 AM flight to LA, 8.30 PM flight back, and then this morning I get an email from joolzie that alerts me to the fact that Petr has done something exciting, so I go to check the scores and when I see 9-2 I'm like OMG HE FINALLY GOT A HAT TRICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And he did!!! :D

... and then screamed and leaped into Crosby's arms. (NEWSPAPER description, not mine.) I'm going to have to download this game, Russian feed and all. *siiiiiiiiiigh* I got all teary, especially after reading his quote about him knowing his dad was watching the game.

(I was just looking for photos of the celebration and there is one of Petr umm... straddling Crosby against the glass and JORDAN STAAL COMING FROM BEHIND.)

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(I was just looking for photos of the celebration and there is one of Petr umm... straddling Crosby against the glass and JORDAN STAAL COMING FROM BEHIND.)

. . . D:

The photo is more sinister than watching the clip because at least you see Staal just trying to get into the hug (but failing because Petr is clinging to Crosby so tightly), but in the photo you don't know what's going to happen!!!

. . . Link me? I kind of want to see it >___>

...You having that icon of Sid COMPLETELY throws me off, omfg, I wasn't expecting that.

It throws off a lot of people! :D I almost made another one, but thought better of it. Can't have people thinking I'm a Crosby fan. >_>

*G* So why DO you have the icon? ;)

No reason!

(I find him v. fascinating!)

He is quite! Especially when you know enough people with connections to give you insight to what goes on BEYOND the INCREDIBLY BORING CaptainBot interviews *G*

Have you seen the Beyond the Ice DVD?

I KNOW it's on Youtube, it's worth a viewing, if only for the scene from after his first game back from the high ankle sprain, where Sid goes to hug his dad, tells him, "I love you," and his dad counters with "work on your shot."


Oh yeah! That was what really intrigued me about him. *goes to poke around Youtube* I love shit like that. Well, obviously not asshole parents. But, I think you know what I mean? Maybe? lol


*G* There's the link to the first part, you can get the rest of the links in order from there, I believe.

And yes, I completely understand. Sid is definitely far more interesting than his interviews let on, when you get beyond the PC press bullshit, and you hear more about what else happens behind the scenes, what kind of guy he REALLY is off the ice--it's hard not to like the kid.

He's pretty much beloved by everyone who works at Mellon Arena, considered a very nice kid, though he's honestly quite shy--I've NEVER heard a story about him being less than polite. I've heard lots of GOOD stories, and no BAD ones--and this town loves finding ways to cut down its sports stars--Roeth...erger is constantly being talked about for being a dick. *laughs*

*G* I have other interesting stories, but I'll stop taking over Mae's LJ with the Sidney rambling, if you're curious, you can email me :)

Thanks for the link! I'll definitely send you an email.


Finally, he's one of the big boys now!!!

Yeaaaah, Petr pretty much leaped into Sid's arms, legs around him, and Sid held him up off the ice for like, 2 full minutes, and I'm not sure, but I think that he might've kissed him, it sure LOOKED like they were making out.

Ahahahahaha, good thing Crosby has such strong legs.

sneaky staal attacks are always horrifying :(

Good thing Petr had that vise-like grip on Crosby the whole time!

I ... had to look up what a hat trick was **hangs head in shame**

Hee! I think that term originally comes from soccer. I don't know what the story was though. Funny you use that icon because Petr is basically a Czech version of Huston. :P

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