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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Brian Boucher

Dan Boyle--clean-shaven!

For you Dan Boyle fans, he was on Sports Sunday and amazingly, he had shaved! However, saskysaves and I noticed that his stubble grew visibly from early to late edition. See...



I have no Dan Boyle icon yet, thus I will use my Brian Boucher one! Oh sweet funny, boring man.

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I have a fondness for guys who get stubble quickly, but tat is a total self insert mary sue thig because lee does!

Aww! I find it kind of hilarious. It's sort of a novelty for me cos' there's very few Asian guys like that.

Oh, so he shaved five minutes before he went on camera.

Dan Boyle's face scruff cannot be contained!

I was like... why does he look different? Is it the hair? It's kind of spiky... then Sasky pointed out he'd shaved. :P

OK, that's pretty funny!

EEEEEE BOOOOOOOOOOUCH. That icon is awesome. :)

He is sticking his tongue out and looks confused! Perfect image!

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