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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Two consecutive weeks of beating a non-putrid team!

No Nate Clements. No Frank Gore for about half the game. And they still pulled out a pretty decisive win over a team leading its division. WTF? I'm gonna hop on the Singletary train now. :P

I didn't know that I could get that sad about football but I did earlier this season when Alex Smith broke, J.T. O'Sullivan was our QB and it looked like yet another season was going to go down the drain. I mean, the team is still not making the playoffs or anything, but at least I see it building towards something. Plus Vernon Davis and Patrick Willis are developing somewhat.

I'm okay with Shaun Hill but I can't say that I love him. I don't quite see him as that legit of a QB yet. I still have fantasies of Alex Smith taking a big pay cut and coming back to take the #1 spot and blossoming and leading the team to a winning season (I have low expectations) but uhh, pretty much not going to happen. :P

Still, I don't mind Shaun Hill. :) Go Niners! (Patrick Willis is now my favourite. I want a T-shirt now, hehe.)