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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Groin Status

Like the nudity isn't bad enough

How much trauma can Joe Thornton fit in one paragraph? :(

"There have been some groins and things like that," Thornton said. "You wake up and you’re lying in bed sore and you think you can’t go, but you go to the rink, loosen up and get treatments from the trainer. They know your body pretty good. For me, you have to have a good training staff to try and play every game."

THERE HAVE BEEN SOME GROINS. (And things like groins)

Also, he has been naked a lot lately. More than usual. Maybe because they keep interviewing him and he's always naked. And apparently so is Patty (although at least he has the decency to do it at home and not while being interviewed). Their hotel room on the road must be like a migratory nudist colony.

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Joe is part of the anti-pants club, clearly.

"some groins and things like that" wtf exactly does that MEAN, Joe??

It's so awful. I watch postgame interviews on the Sharks website and suddenly there is naked Joe on my monitor. :( :( :(

My favorite is still the Team Canada 04 World Cup DVD. Every time you see him he is either putting on or taking off his clothes.

The highlight? nude Joe Thornton greeting coach Gretzky with a "'Sup, Gretz?"

*dies* That sounds exactly like Joe!

He is too happy being naked. :(

Joe, Joe, Joe... *shakes head*

It's like he was born with the trauma gene.

Good ol' Joe Thornton. He's like the dog that humps everyone's leg, so it's really awkward when you have people over, but he's so lovable about it that you just can't make him stop.

I'm not really sure about "lovable". Let's go with "well-meaning".

The phrase "migratory nudist colony" made me start laughing so hard it brought on a coughing fit.

That is a remarkably traumatic paragraph.

A very startling image of them sitting nakedly in their room watching TV popped into my mind!

He probably said it with a big smile on his face too. :(

they probably carry a towel with them always to put down when they are walking around naked.

The sad thing is that his chest is probably more traumatizing than his butt. There were little sweaty tufts of chest hair once and... argh!!!

I don't need to think about Joe's groin, or anyone working on his groin, or *weeps*

Groins, Abby! Multiple groins! *weeps as well*

The fact that I happen to be reading this while they're interviewing Joe is making me LOL. :P

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