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Like the nudity isn't bad enough

How much trauma can Joe Thornton fit in one paragraph? :(

"There have been some groins and things like that," Thornton said. "You wake up and you’re lying in bed sore and you think you can’t go, but you go to the rink, loosen up and get treatments from the trainer. They know your body pretty good. For me, you have to have a good training staff to try and play every game."

THERE HAVE BEEN SOME GROINS. (And things like groins)

Also, he has been naked a lot lately. More than usual. Maybe because they keep interviewing him and he's always naked. And apparently so is Patty (although at least he has the decency to do it at home and not while being interviewed). Their hotel room on the road must be like a migratory nudist colony.
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