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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Marc-Edouard Vlasic

Quick like a rabbit

saskysaves is staying with me for a week on this leg of her hockey odyssey. We went to the Leafs game tonight and it was tons of fun. Even Mr. Vlasic scored! :D Everyone played so well and little Riley almost scored but then he panicked and forgot you have to shoot the puck so it can go in the net.

Also, trauma that must be shared. :P I saw two huge buttcracks today on the train. *weeps* One was hairy, and the other was rippling with cellulite. :(

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don taylor says it was a pickle of a goal!

I showed my buttcrack by accident today, I bet somewhere someone is sharing their trauma ahahaha

Now that I'm back to doing theatre stuff backstage, I always consider it a good day of work when I DON'T see a buttcrack... although, almost more repulsive is the gut hanging out the front of a shirt... ewwww!

Everyone needs to wear overalls.

YAY!! SASKY! give her a hug and a kiss for me ok?!

Hee, I gave her a big hug at the airport when she arrived. :)

Hurray! You guys have fun!!!
And awww I really did want Riley to score. Alas there will be time.

Meep, bad images. baaaaaad.

Perhaps he'll get a chance if he gets called up again. :)

Dude, it's not fair to begin your post with happy shit and end it with buttcracks. ♥ I loved when they cut to Nabby's face after he made that huge save in the middle of the third period, and he was like >:I ahhhhh I LOVE HIM.

Nabby's big save face is the best! It's sheepish and irritated at the same time. :D

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