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The Invincible M.A.E.

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*grumble* Comcast *grumble*

Would anyone be willing to record the Sharks game tomorrow for me? :D I'll pay for the media and shipping.

I have Center Ice but Comcast in my area only gets 10 channels of Center Ice and it's on channel 12. :( :( :(

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Aw, I would if I was home, I certainly owe you. I hope you find someone.

Aww. :) It looks like I'll be able to download it. :D

I would if I could, but Comcast screws me the same way.

If you know a way to get it off my DVR I can do it haha

Hee. I could do it if it's off a TiVo, but off a DVR would be lots of work.

Well, I'm recording it just in case you need it!

Aww, that is so nice of you! :) Ivy linked me to a site that has NHL game torrents so I was able to download it, but thanks, I appreciate you doing that!

It looks like I'll be able to download it! :D

If no one could cap it for you, you can try http://www.nhltorrents.co.uk

The Sharks game is being capped SD. :] I had to download the game last Saturday because my dad only taped the first period :\

Eee, thanks so much, that's perfect! :D

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