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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Plague and pestilence!

I have decided that I would like to marry Brian Boucher. He seems to be quite boring. I need to make an icon of him on the bench backing up Nabby. :)

Why is Tootoo still in the NHL? Seriously, WHY??? All he ever does is go around boarding people and throwing elbows and sucker punches and cheap shotting people and doing anything that is the opposite of honourable. People bitch about Avery all the time but Tootoo makes Avery look like a Lady Byng winner.

So apparently they released Whore from the hospital and then he... went back to the rink to change clothes. Which seems kind of weird. Why didn't he just go home? Anyway, I hope he's okay. He was down on the ice for so long. :(

Also, Trotz thinks a penalty could have been called on the play. WHAT PENALTY??? Basically in his view penalties should be called on other teams for no reason whatsoever whereas when his players board/elbow/knee/charge/sucker punch the penalties are totally unwarranted. Why is this guy still in the NHL? How many players on other teams have been injured because of his fucked up coaching and I'm not talking about hockey, I'm talking about honour and accountability and respect.

There was a cute moment last night though when Randy and Drew were discussing for a while how the dads (who were at the game cos' the father-son trip is going on right now) feel about watching their sons fight and how the fans like it but how do you feel if it's your son? Then they showed Jody Shelley's dad and he was laughing it up and they were like... yeah, I guess he doesn't mind it at all. :P

I haven't exactly been enthusiastic about Shelley (because of the Brad Stuart incident) but last night I was glad that he's a Shark.

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That is all.

Why didn't he just go home?

Because it's Jason Arnott, that's why. Problem solved.

I think he needs a guardian with him at all times!

fucker fucker fucker fucker fucker fucker fucker nashville fucker fucker nashville fucker fucker fucker fucker nashville.

Couldn't have said it better myself!

There is not enough hate in my heart to describe it.

People ask me why I can't stand the guy and there is so much hate that I just can't find the words. Aargh

It makes me sad because I used to love Tootoo so much when he was young and... admittedly borderline but still held to a code of fucking ethics, you know? I'll never forgive Trotz for that one.

I KNOW. It's like, the mordor of the nhl.

Yeah i think a lot of dad's a secretly pleased when their sons are tough guys.

Also on Tootoo: people have watched to many movies about the nobel natives. And that might sound awful but that is all I can put it down to. They have an idea of what he should be like which is totally different from what he is like.

Heh, I'd buy that. And it makes me appreciate Cheech even more because he's probably gone through as much hardship but doesn't go around making an ass of himself.

Edited at 2008-11-19 02:54 am (UTC)

Because he's Jason fucking Arnott.


Re: Because he's Jason fucking Arnott.

Erm, he hit his head pretty hard. But he's mostly okay now! Apparently he has a "neck strain".

Re: Because he's Jason fucking Arnott.

Ouch. I was actually expecting something worse based on the TN press.

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