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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Best cafeteria food ever!

Happy birthday, arami!!! :D

Man, the cafeteria food at Genentech is just over-the-top good. I had pumpkin waffles with real whipped cream, pecan syrup and bacon yesterday for breakfast, then prime rib for lunch. Yum!!! I look forward to the food there every day, haha. Jenny joked that I'm never going back to the office because of the food at Genentech. :P

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Thanks to your pumpkin waffles yesterday, I'm attempting pumpkin-pecan and pumpkin-chocolate chip pancakes today. :D

Edited at 2008-11-15 08:27 pm (UTC)

I forgot to tell you yesterday!!!!

I think we sat next to Mr. Vlasic's father at the game on Thursday. :) At least, it was an older gentleman I'd never seen before wearing what I would swear was a game-worn Remparts jersey with 'VLASIC' on it. I noticed him in the 1st intermission but didn't talk to him--I figured he was just maybe a guy from Quebec down for the game or something.

I was going to talk to him in the 2nd intermission, but he left and never came back.

And then I read about the fathers trip yesterday and realized it was probably HIM.


You've seen Mr. Vlasic's dad before right??? There's a photo of him on the We Love Pickles Facebook group. Basically Vlasic got his nose (among other weird features) from him.

Mr. Vlasic's dad!!!

Yum yum yum!!! Don't forget the whipped cream!

aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh give me your food!

The place is so ridiculous. Even their macrobiotics platter was ridiculously tasty.

that company name sounds like the bad guy in either a die hard movie or in a movie made from a michael criton book.

In fact, didn't that company try to clone dinosaurs?

I looked it up on Wiki and the fictional company was called "InGen" but I wouldn't be surprised if it's based off of Genentech because they're both in the Bay Area.

I'd only ever noticed the name before because they're a sponsor of the SF Giants and I have a free "Strike Out Cancer" refrigerator magnet from them that I got at a game. :)

Also, I uploaded a version of the Poni and Antropov thing for you! It's not multiple angles/slow mo, but you get to see it (it's the last goal).

(haven't been on LJ for a while, heh heh)
Went for an interview at Google a while back (I think I told you) and had lunch there... it was good. I wish I had access to a good cafeteria too!

Hee, I was just thinking about you recently cos' a USC vs Cal volleyball game was on TV and Stanford is ranked #1 and has a record of 14-1 in the conference. Which means that the game we went to is the only game they lost in the Pac-10 hahaha!

Man, not only is Google food good, it's FREE!!! Perhaps we can do some consulting for them, hehe.

Also, finally responding to the question about symphony tickets, I have a strong preference for this one:

I heard the first movement of Scheherazade on the radio and loved it!

Let's do it! (Scheherazade) I'll get us some tix. Do you have any preference for seats? My choice would be nosebleed b/c I think the acoustics are good everywhere, but we can also be closer if you like.

Nosebleeds are fine with me. Yay, we are so cultured!

Oh, before I buy the tix... do you think your roommate might want to join us?

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