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Go Leafs go!

I was exposed to some deathly virus that has totally incapacitated Tessa with a 103 fever (last night) and apparently she's really hurting today. I was over at their place Friday night and had the beginnings of a sore throat last night and just felt totally tired and sapped of energy when I got back from work last night and was nodding off at 9-something. Took a B-complex vitamin and drank lots of water and felt much better this morning so hopefully I've headed it off.

I don't want to be sick when tamiflu visits!!!

As joolzie said, the Leafs have become much more interesting to watch since Ron became the coach. It's kind of weird, actually, with Vesa in goal and Ron, Tim Hunter and Rob Zettler behind the bench, it feels like I'm watching the Sharks in blue and white jerseys. It's weird to not see Sundin on the ice, though. He's the reason I started liking the Leafs initially. They seem to be doing pretty okay without him, though. :P

I may have lost my camera. :( :( :( Hopefully it's just somewhere at Alex's place, or in Chip's car. It's still so new and shiny. *sniffle*

Currently lusting for this 32" HDTV. It's only $600+ and is just the right size for my bedroom. I'll be able to watch widescreen content without letterboxes! And once I figure out what's the best way to record and archive HD content, I can start getting HD channels from Comcast. (Sharks in HD! :D)

Now to do laundry before it starts raining again...

[Edit: I found my camera!!! :D It was... in a place where I thought I might accidentally have left it.]

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