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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Nobody else in the league like them--I hope

Clearing out space on my PVR and came across Randy and Drew talking about playoff beards during the Dallas series, which ended with this exchange:

RANDY: His admitted inability to grow hair I can testify to; I saw him by the pool today--in his Speedo. It was not pretty.
DREW: That's a Brazilian wax, by the way.

It is terrifying and endearing at the same time that Drew in a Speedo has become a recurring theme on Sharks broadcasts...

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I love that layout, ive been thinking of it too :)

haha I think a lot of people love them!

There's just something really fun and melancholy at the same time about the bird flying away with the heart.

I think so too :)

and i totally read your subject line wrong and then meant to go back and got distracted haha

*shakes head* Those two... it is both hilarious and disturbing at the same time.

Drew always goes too far. Like when he said he went commando for luck.

yes yes he does. Some of these things we just don't need to know.

I'm shuddering in horror and giggling at the same time. Is that a bad combo?

That's pretty much the appropriate reaction! Man, see what you're missing on Canadian coverage? :P

too much speedo debate between them. too much!

Drew keeps making it worse too. :( One day he's going to be banned even from cable.

I think my brain just broke.

At least it wasn't a Borat-style slingshot...I hope.

*cries* I wouldn't put it past Drew. He's already said that he went commando once for luck. :(

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