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The Invincible M.A.E.

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The insanity continues ...

Ooh I forgot to mention this, but at some point during the Oilers/Sharks game last night, someone could very clearly be heard bellowing, "York York York!" *dies*

Did you hear it, Robyn?

Oh yeah, and also, Frala posts Comrie/5 and both teams score 5 goals. Coincidence?

Again, more shrieking at Robyn ... and further explanation of my insanity, I was saying, "If Todd Marchant scores, I'm going to go fucking insane." *grin* And guess what happened? Dude that game made me fucking light-headed.

*pants* *calms down* (a bit)

Okay I'd better get to work. *grin*

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I have to say that is it dull, low scoring games with a lack of action and few shots on goal like Sharks-Oilers that are killing hockey's television ratings in the US.

I wanted to give up on it and curl up with a good book and a cup of warm milk.

Onto slightly more truthful news I added a totally unnecessary sex scene in Stratagems so the Leafs would win. Totally unnecessary. Just filler really. *crosses fingers*

Mae, if you write a threesome does that lead to a hat-trick?

LOL! You watched the game? How incredibly sexy is Scott Thornton? *pants*

And umm, all for sex scenes, necessary or not. *grin* Soooooo hope the Leafs will win! :)

Oh man, I've got to try that out! But but ... tough love ... I'm not supposed to help the Sharks out with smut anymore ...

hehhe coincidence I think not *giggles*

dude I read today that comrie had a broken thumb and is out :(

Yeah, poor boy, he was all noble too, he blocked the shot, but then Dan scored on his own rebound. *huggles Comrie*


I didn't get to see Gilly's goals... so sad, so sad... I wish Rags would get better or something. I want Gilly back right now.

Was he not being played much with the Flyers?

His second goal was cool ... scored on his own rebound through lots of traffic. It was like they were having a square dance in front of the net. The bad news is that Comrie broke his thumb blocking the initial shot. :(

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