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2008 World Series Champions (now STFU)

Man, between the Giants, LSU and the Phillies, how much would I have made gambling on sports this year? :P

I got more weepy than I thought I would when the Phillies won. That was helped along by the fact that the announcers just STFU and they showed the reactions from all the players and from the dugout to the final out. I did kind of squeak when Cole Hamels won the MVP though. :D

Then I got briefly bitter at how horrible the coverage of the Stanley Cup Final was and how I was robbed of my awe and weepiness and I wanted a piano to fall on Doc Emrick.

Big hugs and kisses to flanneryflyer!!! :D

I think I'm finally properly getting into hockey this season. I was nervous all throughout the game against the Pens last night! It's not proper hockey unless I feel terrible while I'm watching it! :P

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