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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Time for some sun!

This "bold, daring prediction" from The Sporting News:
Tim Lincecum will win the N.L. Cy Young award. In celebration, at the press conference, he will show off his first chest hair. It will be uncomfortable.

I'm liking the balanced scoring from the Sharks and especially the contributions from the defensemen and I'm not even talking about just Dan Boyle. Much better than last season around this time, when secondary scoring meant double shifting Joe Thornton. :P

And now it's tank top and shorts time to soak up some sun, read in the park and have a nice vanilla malted milkshake. :D

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Devils/Flyers got delayed when someone threw a SMOKE BOMB into the Dev's bench. Freaking Flyers fans -- that's crazy insane!

oh that quote made me shudder.

The weird way journalists sort of make a fetish of the young guys.. *cringes*

It's especially horrible when the draft comes around and they start talking about studs and specimens and and...

Reading "soak up the sun" made me uncomfortable because it has been regularly below freezing here at night for several days now and yesterday morning the people in my building were scraping ice off their windshields. :(

Haha, well summer just comes late here. Everyone was in their jackets in June and July. :)

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