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I don't have enough stamina for a normal life

As far as big company conditions go, Genentech (biotech company, Giants sponsor) is pretty good. Free bus from the train station to the campus that has wifi and footrests. Cafeteria with good, cheap food and is literally right next to the bay, which is ocean-like in its seeming vastness at that elevation. :P I'll be there again tomorrow consulting. I feel so grown up.

Finally finished my Body Shop brazil nut body scrub and started using the papaya one. It is also good and smells yummy and makes my skin feel soft and smooth; I still like the brazil nut one more, but it's nice to make a change. I just tried their olive oil shampoo and conditioner last night and I'm pretty happy with it. It doesn't have much of a fragrance (not that I want my hair to smell like olive oil) and it makes my hair feel umm... moisturized without being oily?

Torrey Mitchell is blogging for the Sharks this year! :D What this means is that it's going to be a bit like a '50s version of that show Newlyweds about Jessica Simpson and uhh... whichever Lachey was married to her. Torrey is injured so he's at home being a dutiful and supportive wife to Devin Setoguchi, who is busting his ass to bring home the bacon.

From entry #1:
Devin Setoguchi and I are roommates again and that should keep this blog filled. I should have a Seto update each week. He just ruined my size nine flip-flops by squeezing his size 11 feet in them for two weeks. He told me he’d buy me a new pair, but that’s beside the point. There’s more to come here.

On the ice, he’s been great. He worked really hard this summer and has already had good success. It looks like he’ll continue to do that and we’re going to need him. He’s one of our best offensive players.

... no comment.

From entry #2:
Mike Potenza runs me through a workout and I just started doing Pilates with Razor. ... It stretches things out pretty good.

... It gets long and boring when you’re back home, even if it’s just for one game. I can’t imagine being home by myself for the entire trip.

I gave Seto grief about my flip-flops last week and I think he felt guilty. He cooked lasagna this week and brought it to me in bed. He hasn’t cleaned the dishes yet though. He did leave and get me ice cream the other night. It was actually a milkshake and exactly what I wanted.

He is doing pilates for Devin! And gets lonely as newlywed so he follows Devin around. But Devin wuvs him too cos' now that Torrey is pregnant (just like TP), he goes out to get stuff for his cravings!

I haven't seen my favourite sideline bitch (Scott Reiss) for like... weeks now because his wife had the bad timing to have a baby and now the Sharks are on a road trip so he won't be there. :( He'd better make up for it by being spectacular when the Sharks return home.

Recorded The NASA Missions: When We Left Earth on the Discovery Channel a few months ago and finally watched the first part of it. It's really good. I think I have a weakness for all that earnest '60s footage, when people spoke differently and everything was new and hopeful. It's really stunning that there weren't any fatal accidents in any of the Mercury or Gemini missions. It was really cool to learn about them and about the astronauts who went on those missions that made the Apollo missions possible. I was totally captivated and I'm not a space geek at all.

Watched part of Into the Unknown: Josh Bernstein and got all excited about the gladiator episode when I found out that sicario is the Italian word for assassin. I remember reading this comic book series and the sicari were a race of creatures that were all assassins and I don't remember anything else about those comics except the sicari and it was really cool to find out where the writer probably got the name from. :)
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