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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Insane fucking game

*shrieks insanely* Just finished watching Oilers/Sharks. *shrieks more* *kicks self for not extending the recording time on the TiVo*

Dude, just ... dude. And yeah they're in our division and they're supposed to be our rivals and all that, but ... *kisses Kings for beating the Wild*

I should have known it was going to be an insane game when I noticed we were playing like crap and then scored the first goal. The insanity deepened when we gave up 3 PP goals on ... 3 PPs. *cackles*

Thorty scored!!! And our gay cameramen are so fucking in love with him and rightly so! Not only does he score, but ...

We are down 5-2 I think *cackles more* and then after Smith takes a shot, all the guys converge in front of Salo and suddenly it's raining gloves. So fucking cool! *shrieks* And OMG can Thorty fight. Goddamn. They showed the fucking blood splatter on the ice after the fight, along with the yard sale. Dude! Okay at this point we're down 5-2, but I'm like this is such an awesome fucking game!!!

And then we fucking tie it!!! *shrieks even more insanely* OMG Dan! The man needs to be tackled! Tackled, I say! Oh man I don't even know what I'm saying anymore. But yeah, even though we were so incredibly horrible on the PK, I loved that game. It was so entertaining. Man. Just ...

*shrieks one last time*

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OMG Dan! The man needs to be tackled! Tackled, I say!

Me! Me! I'll do it!

Why, thank you ma'am!

*heads off in search of a Dan-boy to tackle*

And if you happen to find him wrapped up with Sunny, pry them apart gently before tackling him.

Or I could just join the fray?

ooo! did i say that out loud?

*grin* That sounds like a good idea. And sooner or later, Thorty would show up. *giggle*

... I swear, the whole fucking game was a comedy of errors.

Come on boys! let's see who can fuck up the most plays in a night!!


*shakes head*

but yes. I was having trouble hating the Sharks like I should. *GG* And dude, did you see Hemsky check Marchment into the boards?! I mean, okay, even Ron Low is like, yeah, but DUDE is that fucking kid INSANE?!

ahem. *cough*

Comedy of errors. Such a perfect description.

I missed Hemsky checking him!!! But I saw his little spat with Thorty. *grin* He's lucky it didn't become a real fight. You saw the damage he did later.

Oh yeah, and Thorty's goal? Assisted by 2 ex-Oilers. It was a complete ex-Oiler goal. *giggle*


DUDE I missed his spat with Thorty! I saw Anson and Thorty's, but DUDE. *giggle* Yeah, and he took down widdle big Semenov. Who has fighting INTENT. *g*

*grumblemutter* stupid fucking ex-oilers always scoring on us these days...

I'm still fucking high from that fight, LOL! I love hockey!

*G* me too. ;)


And IloveplayingtheOilers!

*grin* When are we playing again? *checks schedule*

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